Quick VPN and WRVS440N

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  1. rwpatterson357

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    Quick VPN 1.2.8 and WRVS440N


    I've managed to get Quick VPN 1.2.8 to connect (from a Vista Ultimate laptop) to my remote WRVS440N - but, it dies at the end of Verifying stage with the dreaded "The remote gateway is not responding. Do you want to wait?". This is apparently due to fact it can't ping the remote gateway. While its hung in the "Verifying" stage I can open a CMD window and ping the remote IP no problem.

    Below is from the log.txt file (I've snipped out a bunch of the PING error messages leaving a couple just to show the error, and I've XX'd out my IP address).

    What should I try next?


    p.s. I'm trying to connect from a remote location via a Linksys WRT300N connected to the internet using PPPoe via a Bellsouth DSL modem. The WRVS440N at the other end is likewise connected to the internet via a Bellsouth DSL modem (the PPPoe being done in the Linksys routers with DSL modems just bridges).

    2008/01/02 22:30:10 [STATUS]OS Version: Windows Vista
    2008/01/02 22:30:10 [STATUS]Windows Firewall Domain Profile Settings: ON
    2008/01/02 22:30:10 [STATUS]Windows Firewall Private Profile Settings: ON
    2008/01/02 22:30:10 [STATUS]Windows Firewall Private Profile Settings: ON
    2008/01/02 22:30:10 [STATUS]One network interface detected with IP address
    2008/01/02 22:30:10 [STATUS]Connecting...
    2008/01/02 22:30:10 [STATUS]trying to connect to remote gateway with IP address: XX.XXX.XXX.XX
    2008/01/02 22:30:31 [WARRIBG]No ESP packets were received - likely a firewall issue or VPN server is not alive!!
    2008/01/02 22:30:42 [WARING]remote gateway not reachable...
    2008/01/02 22:30:47 [STATUS]remote gateway was reached...
    2008/01/02 22:30:47 [STATUS]Provisioning...
    2008/01/02 22:30:58 [STATUS]Success to connect!
    2008/01/02 22:30:58 [STATUS]Verifying Network...
    2008/01/02 22:31:01 [WARRING]Fail to ping the remote VPN Router!
    2008/01/02 22:32:01 [WARRING]Fail to ping the remote VPN Router!
    2008/01/02 22:33:59 [STATUS]Disconnecting...
    2008/01/02 22:34:07 [STATUS]Success to disconnect!
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  3. rwpatterson357

    rwpatterson357 LI Guru Member

    Quick VPN 1.2.8 and WRVS440N

    So, I must have a NAT device between me and the other end. It would have to be in the Bellsouth system. Is that likely?

    By the way, I have the same exact problem when trying to connect from an XP SP2 machine. Any clues why that wouldn't work?

    Also, can anyone recommend a router or product that I can swap my WVRS440N for to get capability to VPN into my network? I need this capability and am willing to buy something else to get it.

  4. DocLarge

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    Your WRVS4400N is capable of supporting GRE (Protocol 47). So, if you have a microsoft server in your environment that doesn't handle too much traffic, you can configure RRAS and forward ports 1723 from the router to the RRAS box and use PPTP vpn on the server and the MS PPTP vpn client for your users and yourself. Additionally, if you download the L2TP IPSEC vpn client, you could go even further and configure the RRAS box to do IPSEC VPN client sessions. The ports required for that would be 1701.

  5. rwpatterson357

    rwpatterson357 LI Guru Member

    This sounds promising. Apologies for my ignorance but I have one machine on the network that runs Vista Home Premium. Can I set it up for the RRAS function?

    And I assume that the built in VPN client in Vista Ultimate (on my laptop) would be adequate to provide the "MS PPTP vpn client" functionality?

    Beyond that, I thought the problem with Vista was IPSec. How could I use an "IPSEC VPN client" with Vista?

    Thank you very much.

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