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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by stbrads, Nov 8, 2007.

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    I have a problem that tech support at Linksys can't seem to solve. I am trying to connect to a WRV200 router via Quick VPN (latest version) through my home PC (Vista Ultimate) behind a WRV54GS. When I first load the software I get a certificate error. I select yes to proceed even though there is no certificate and the conenction proceeds-sort of. It always hangs and says that it can't verify the gateway and asks if i want to wait. If I select no it disconnects if yes nothing happens just more waiting. I have done the firmware update for both routers and there are no firewalls running when I try to connect. Any help with this problem is greeatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    It seems from several other threads that this is a common problem among Vista users. I've ran into the same problem and the best solution I've got so far is to use an XP machine. Otherwise, my Vista w/ quickvpn 1.2.6 does much the same as what you describe.

    One thing I haven't tried yet that - perhaps you can try - is to install the certificate per the release notes in quickvpn 1.2.6. I'd try it myself but unfortunately access to these files are at work. XP works without installing the certificate but maybe just maybe Vista needs it?? Anyways, the release notes give the following instructions:

    "To enhance the security of QuickVPN, this release of QuickVPN client will verify whether the SSL certificate presented by the remote QuickVPN server is trustable. Currently the client only trusts the certificates that are present in the installation directory of the QuickVPN client. Users of QuickVPN client need to get the certificate of the QuickVPN router from the administrator and store it in the QuickVPN client installation directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\Linksys\Linksys VPN Client\. This way the QuickVPN client will not be deceived by a hacker in the middle and connect to a hostile computer. With QuickVPN client v1.1.0, when the client encounters a certificate that is not trusted, the client will pop up an warning message, suggesting the user quit the connection attempt. For backward compatibility with older QuickVPN servers, users are allowed to choose not to quit the connection attempt and establish a tunnel."

    Its worth a try.... please let us know if it works?!
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