QuickVPN and Vista

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by FenTech, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. FenTech

    FenTech LI Guru Member

    I would like to say that this is a great site. I've solved several problems early on in my dealings with the RVxx routers, QuickVPN, and RDP connections. (MTU was a problem til I figured out that you must restart after a change) All has been running great until. . . .

    A customer purchased a new laptop with Vista Home Premium. Tried to install the QuickVPN client version 1.0.39 and it appeared to install properly. Was able to bring up the client (received IPSec errors) and attempt to make a connection. Never got past 'verifying network'.

    Removed 1.0.39 and downloaded and tried to install the beta 1.0.47 version. The client appeared to install properly, but there was no VPNClient.exe in the program files folder. Tried to un-install and the program is not removed.

    Deleted program files and removed references in the registry. Downloaded and installed the QuickVPN 1.1.00 client, released today on the Linksys website.

    Had the same results with 1.1.00 as the 1.0.47

    Called Linksys and was told that a client for Vista should be released within a week. (I would have thought that a beta would be available?) Unfortunately, the client would like to have VPN access sooner than an ETA of a week.

    Has anyone been able to get an available QucikVPN client to work with Vista?

    Thanks to all
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I have not yet tried quickvpn with vista however because its so new for most of the world it is still going to be a bit before programs work correctly. I have been running vista on one laptop now for about 3 months, however it has just now today become my primary laptop as i just today got all the drivers and the programs i use daily to work. I still have another machine for the programs i have that still do not work on vista. 1 week to wait is not going to be an issue, if he demands and the availability is there set up a site to site vpn that way you will not have to be dependent on OS drivers.
  3. gpsguy47

    gpsguy47 Guest

    Using QuickVPN Client with Vista

    I have experienced the same problem. I was able to use QuickVPN through the Virtual PC program. Virtual PC 2007 is a free Microsoft program. I downloaded it from their site. I set up Windows XP Pro in the Virtual PC and after setting up the networking options I loaded the QuickVPN 1.1.00 with no problem. It's back door but it will due until Linksys catches up. Good luck.
  4. MLdata

    MLdata Network Guru Member

    I have been using the PPTP server in RV042, it works in Vista too
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