QuickVPN broken - a demo

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by makeit_quick, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. makeit_quick

    makeit_quick LI Guru Member

    A demo program that demonstrates how QuickVPN can be brought down.

    As the original author claimed, the program can be written in a day or two...

    Program is posted at the WRV54G Yahoo Groups

    It's not a full blown program, so it will not be misused. You'll need to logon with a yahoo account to access it.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Your comments have been removed, i will not tolerate bitchin and making snide remarks from you are anyone else. report the facts of the issue please.
  3. makeit_quick

    makeit_quick LI Guru Member

    someone workd alot of time to make this document and demo, while all you had to say is bad things (inaccurate document, not prooven, non communicative author).
    sometimes, it's nicer to say you are sorry and mistake.
    you are too loyal to Linksys man, this makes me wonder...
  4. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    The author of that article never talks about the steps they did to produce the problem.

    If they would of listed step by step how to produce the problem then others could verify it.

    And why was this article published in a very private group? To access the document people need to be a member of BOTH Yahoo groups and WRV54G Group.

    I would be in favor of keeping the document here * IF * the author would publish the steps taken to produce his findings so that other people can duplicate the findings.
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Wonder all you want, your document, is inconclusive to the trained eye. It makes people ask more questions than it gives answers too, that is all.

    We (linksysinfo) are grateful of someone trying to find security flaws in any software, but the wording and subject matter for such a security breach is somewhat left to be desired.

    loyal yes, we are loyal, are you? we like linksys products. Why do you think we setup this site with a name of LINKSYSINFO ?

    The problem is that your document, and not the actual findings, asks me to question your motives and its aims.

    If you want to alert everyone to the fact you found a security breach in QuickVPN, please write a report based on fact and do not adding snide comments all the time, this diverts the aims of the finding you have uncovered.

    Then post it where is matters most. sans.org Tomsnetworking.com dslreports.com etc etc

    LinksysInfo can have also handle this information, however, we are a small fish in the sea, when it comes to security issues. if you are so much of a professional you should know this already. just posting it here, means only some users would find out about the breach. YOU HAVE THEN FAILED to get you message out. we can then blame you as well and linksys :)

    I cannot see a true professional saying "Reclaim your QuickVPN paid license..."

    when all that linksys will undoubtedly say is, "show us your proof". The only proof the user would have, is a document, and that shows what exactly? A story of what you have found, but it does not show exactly how to reproduce it. Linksys would NOT accept this a real finding. All Professional experts HAVE to show how to replicate a problem so that it is beyond any doubt to be totally true. if you dont understand that well.....

    Chris Watts has already stated the document has flaws of its own.

    I have forwarded the so called "document" to one of the main VPN gurus at Linksys/Cisco. He had not see this document before. Thus who ever tried to pass it to Linksys, had no clue as to where it would have to go or what to do next. That is a matter for the Author and Linksys not for us. If the Author had contacted me personally, all this bichin of "he closed my thread" would have not taken place, and we could have alerted the correct departments, and warned our users accordingly. however the Author/You did not do this.

    The Author/You then got impatient, and tried to post it here without showing hard proof of a security flaw, that no one knew about.

    The document in its current form is an accusation, it does have some credible points but it needs to be ammended in its curent form.

    I hope the author (you?) will show exact methods of the security breach so linksys and other security geeks can replicate the exact way in which the author did and then THEY can say "YES QuickVPN is Broken". Without this we would have no solid base to allow an accusation against ANY corporate firm as this may have legal bindings.

    Please prove to the world. I want you to do this! Go forth and get the message out, my job is to administer this website, thats all.
  6. makeit_quick

    makeit_quick LI Guru Member

    sometimes a claim does not need a proof (bedised referring to the tools).
    every person has a set of skills, which are obviously diffrent.
    some people (Chris) tells you something, and one knows what to do in order to set up a complete document having an extensive explanetory PDF.
    some people don't know how to digest such document....
    it's not the authors concern to bridge the skills of (some) of his readers.
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    ok so say as an example we all agree on your findings. who have you told?

    This site, a private yahoo group, and someone from linksys that possibly deleted your message.

    Come on... if you want to tell the world of your findings you'll need to do better than that. put it on sans.org tomsnetworking dslreports etc. people should need to know since you found a security flaw.
  8. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    A claim "always" needs proof otherwise half of the world would always be in litigation because of someone wanting to sue someone else over an accusation, such as a proposed insecurity in a vpn product (ring any bells?)

    Your right; it's the authors concern to provide relevant, authenticated, and accurate research for his readers to draw a "reasonable" conclusion about the work being presented; if that's not done, that piece of work becomes nothing more than a "work of art" that gets hung on the front of the refrigerator next to the magnetic blocks that don't equal to anything other than colorful child's play.

    Speaking for myself, the article in question is now a virtual doormat... Furthermore, I'm beginning to link you and the author as either being "the same person" or "on each other's pay roll."

    Based on your logic, I don't really have to prove that; just <b>making the claim</b> should be enough :)
  9. chris547

    chris547 Network Guru Member

    Personally I can't see sans.org Tomsnetworking.com dslreports.com being bothered with this since as soon as Linksys decided to go down the Quickvpn route instead of following the rest of the market and implementing NAT-T they made the VPN server a proprietary solution instead of a standard. The only people who are going to have any interest in this are Linksys and users of their products, which this forum is full of!

    Ps. Makeit Quick I've had a look at your program and what I can see so far is that you've provide that the client will accept any certificate as valid. Quickvpn would be abused by someone using something like a firewall on a rogue wifi hotspot to insert another program between Quickvpn and the router. So question is can you rewrite your program so that can be connected to with the client but forward the information onto the server while loging username and password at the same time?
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