QuickVPN Connects but unable to access database

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by apsdds, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. apsdds

    apsdds LI Guru Member

    I have 2 offices running a MySql database shared over a VPN with 2 RV042 routers. Last week I moved the database server from 1 office to the other. For the previous 6 months evrything ran fine including my partner and I being able to connect from home using QuickVPN.

    After some initial trouble the two offices are able to share the database without a problem. However I cannot access the database from home even though it is connected through the router. (The router's setup screen shows that the remote user is connected.)

    Is there some kind of security issue I am overlooking? All Windows firewalls are set off. The first router is connected to Verizon DSL. The current router is connected through Comcast Cable. The computers on the network are running XP Pro on a peer to peer basis.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Are these two offices running domains? The possibility exists that you may need to have an account either in active directory(if you're running domains) or an account "on" the server that's holding the database you're trying to access.

    Those would be my first considerations...

    Should that be the case (needing to add an account), here's the approach:

    Once you’ve made the vpn connection and you want to connect to a shared resource that you have rights to from a remote location, open up windows explorer on the "client" computer that's initiating the vpn connection and click on "tools," then “map a network drive.” After clicking on that, choose a driver letter and type the ip address of a computer you have rights to on that network. You would enter the following information as so: \\\sharename

    Where you see sharename is where you will substitute the name of a folder you have share permissions to access (i.e., \\\vpn).

    Before you click finish, click on “connect as different user” because in order to connect, that local machine needs to have a "username and password" created on it so it recognizes who you are. If you are part of a domain, make sure that your "domain user account" has been added to one of the built-in accounts (i.e., power users, administrators, authenticated users, etc...) on each computer you want to access remotely; if you are in a workgroup, make sure you have an recognized user account on "each" computer you want to access.

    After you click "connect as different user," you’ll be asked to type in a username and password that has access rights on that domain or particular workstation (if you are using workgroups). After you enter the information, click ok, then click finish, and try connecting. When the box pops up asking for your credentials, enter the same information that you entered under "connect as different user. If the information you enter matches, the shared resource should pop up, provided the account you entered has the permissions set properly. If so, you’re all good now!

  3. apsdds

    apsdds LI Guru Member

    The offices are not running domains. All computers in both offices are members of the same workgroup.
  4. apsdds

    apsdds LI Guru Member

    Thanks Doc! My application asks for the server's name when starting up. When I entered the ip address instead of the name, I immediately connected with the database.
  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    No problem...

    For future consideration, I'd look and see if you have a DNS resolution problem or maybe a WINS issue. If you can use the ip address and not the resolved DNS name, DNS is usually the culprit...

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