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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by hadisious, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. hadisious

    hadisious LI Guru Member

    Hello everyone,

    just to start off ive done countless searches on this issue and made progress here and there but the rv042 and VPN has just been hell for me so far.

    When i try to connect with quickVPN (im open to PPTP but when i connect i cannot access any shares, yes, even by specific IP) my rv042 accepts the connection but for some reason it keeps retrying.

    on the client side it is stuck at "verifying network" then will go to "the remote gateway is not responding. do you want to wait?"

    in my log file it shows this during attempted connections:

    Dec 26 13:02:27 2007 Connection Accepted ICMP type 8 code 0 "IP"->"routerIP"on ixp1
    Dec 26 13:02:31 2007 Connection Accepted TCP "IP":49292->"routerIP":443 on ixp1
    Dec 26 13:02:37 2007 Connection Accepted TCP "IP":49293->"routerIP":80 on ixp1
    Dec 26 13:03:08 2007 Connection Accepted TCP "IP":49294->"routerIP":80 on ixp1
    Dec 26 13:03:46 2007 Connection Accepted TCP "IP":49296->"routerIP":80 on ixp1

    so as you can see.. even though the connection is accepted, it keeps trying on different ports continuously. help is MUCH appreciated.

    (and if its easier to fix so i can see my shares on PPTP ill throw QuickVPN out the window in a heartbeat, i just need a stable VPN)

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you do have https enabled in the firewall section? this is needed for QVPN to wok on the rv042.

    tbh pptp is far easier and less problematic.
  3. hadisious

    hadisious LI Guru Member

    yes, i do have HTTPS enabled.

    i have read how PPTP is much easier but like i said... i can get it to connect no problems at all, but then i cannot see any shares. ive tryed direct IP addresses

    although if i PPTP into the RV042, i can then remote desktop to our server perfectly fine. but i still cannot access shares through windows explorer using the SAME IP that i accessed remote desktop with. :mad:

    any suggestions?

    your help means the world :confused:

    edit: does the fact that when i connect PPTP it puts me on subnet and my RV042 is on mean anything? ive always thought that would be a problem but i cant manually set the subnet
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    are any of your PCs behind the rv using any firewalls? does the remote machine have the same Workgroup or domain name?
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