quickvpn possible with RV042?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by edmundle_223, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. edmundle_223

    edmundle_223 Network Guru Member


    has anyone gotten the quickvpn client to work with RV042? I know it works for the RV082 and the WRV54G or do i have to use some other vpn client?
  2. jorge98

    jorge98 Network Guru Member

    I have so far not been successful in configuring it, despite reviewing most people's comments. The QuickVPN client appears to use an https:// connection to the RV042 unit, but I don't see anywhere on the RV042 that allows me to enable/disable the HTTPS service (the RV082 firmware has this option).

    If anyone has had any luck using the RV042 and the QuickVPN client, please let me know. I'm beginning to suspect that Linksys took out the capability in this stripped-down version of the RV082. Gateway-to-Gateway VPN works great, nonetheless.
  3. mterry

    mterry Network Guru Member

    I've successfully used Quick VPN with the RV042. Make sure the "IPSEC Services" service is running under windows or it won't work. You can also get a good feel for the problem by checking the .conf and .txt files the client leaves in the Program directory.
  4. chuck-a-rama

    chuck-a-rama Network Guru Member

    >>but I don't see anywhere on the RV042 that allows me to enable/disable the HTTPS service (the RV082 firmware has this option).

    It's under the FIREWALL tab, under GENERAL ... although I'm still trying at this moment to get the quickvpn to work with the Linksys rv042 f/w 1.3.6 beta

    ICHIRO Network Guru Member

    It verified whether QuickVAN would work by RV042 (1.3.6).
    It is unstable.

    Client WindowsXP SP2 Firewall Disable
    Quick VAN
    RV042 1.3.6

    Setup of RV042.
    Firewall HTTPS: enable
    VPN-VPN Client Access-VPN Client Users
    User Name : test
    New Password : test
    Confirm New Password : test
    Active: Click the checkbox
    Add to List: Click this button
    Click the Save Settings button to save the settings.

    QuickVAN is started and username, password, and a WANIP address are inputted. IPSEC will be established if connect is clicked.
    The IPSEC tunnel was established and communication with a remote client was completed satisfactory. However, when time passed for a while, RV042 froze.
    Well, QuickVAN cannot be used.
    Although cost is required, GreenbowVPN is stabilized and can communicate.
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