Quickvpn software through the windows xp sp2 firewall??

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Orson, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Orson

    Orson Network Guru Member


    I've got a local network with a WRV54G.
    I've got the LINKSYS Quickvpn software on my laptop but i can't make it work with the windows xp sp2 firewall enabled!! If i turn the windows xp sp2 firewall off the vpn connection works great!!

    I've put ports 50/51 tcp and 500 udp in the exection list of windows xp sp2 firewall, but that isn't the solution..

    Can anybody please help me??

    Amsterdam, holland
  2. stanandsnow

    stanandsnow Guest

    how did you get your quickvpn to work?

    I've been trying for three days straight to get my quick vpn to even work - with or without the xp firewall up. what is your configuration?
  3. Orson

    Orson Network Guru Member

    Not much actually, I've configured the wrv54g by means of inserting the client accounts and their passwords. Set the wrv54g on IPsecc/l2tp/pptp on passthrough.
    Then installes the Linksys QuickVPN software on the client computer, filled in the fields user, password and serveradres (my wrv54g ip's adres on the net) and voilla..... connection!

    By the way, i'v killed the windowx xp sp2 firewall and started using Panda. Everything works perfectly now!

    I'f you still have problems you can just mail me, no problem!

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