quuestions about roaming between WAP54g and wirless router

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by wncpc, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. wncpc

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    I have the speedbooster wirless router (the 79$ one) and a WAP54 as repeater (standing alone unwired) - and i know to configure the WAP54 while its wired to the router. I connect fine to the wireless router/internet from my wirless laptop. OS is Win XP. and i have a built-in wirless network adapter in the laptop. Security is OFF. i live out in the country.

    1) How do I configure the WAP54g to pick up the best signal of the 2 without having to manually connect as i roam around the house?
    Is having the same SSID how it does that? just picking up the available signal as the weak one drops out?

    2) Is 'repeater mode' the correct AP mode to use? i know for this mode you get the mac addy from the router status tab.

    3) Should the Wap54g be set to automatiucally connect to pull an IP from the built-in router DHCP server, or should i leave ip address as static? The .1.245 IP would work on my router subnet. Will my laptop pull a IP if it connects to the WAP54g first whether dynamic or static??

    4) Do i need to enter the router ip as the default gateway? or leave it blank?

    5) will it matter if the router has the speedbooster and the the WAP54g doesnt?

    help me figure it out and ill be eternally grateful))

  2. howardp6

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    Re: quuestions about roaming between WAP54g and wirless rout

    You do not have to have the same SSID, but always enable SSID broadcast on your router. The WAP54G uses the MAC address of the Router and repeats the signal between itself, the Access point and any clients,

    Wireless Repeater mode is the one to use.

    I have used both the default static address and setting the WAP54G as a DHCP client. The static address makes it easier to find the WAP54G. As a DHCP client, you have to go to the Local DHCP Client list and get the assigned IP Adress of the WAP54G.

    The default gateway is not set on the the WAP54G, but can be set on the Wireless NIC on your laptop only if you set a static IP Address. You have to set the IP Address of the DNS servers, if you set static IP Addresses,

    You lose speedbooster.
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