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  1. meyersn

    meyersn Addicted to LI Member

    Lifeline VPN 3.0.2

    A VPN connection client for Linksys/Cisco Small Business routers.

    Tested with XP Pro 32bit, Vista 32bit, Vista 64bit, Server 2008 32bit, Windows 7 RC1 32bit
    Not compatible with XP x64.
    .NET Framework 2.0+
    VNC Client(For VNC connection profile support. I suggest TightVNC)

    New Features:
    Lifeline VPN is no longer a GUI! VPN connection code is part of the application now.
    Connecting and disconnecting should be faster now that QuickVPNplus is no longer involved.
    The application has been rewritten from the ground up with the exception of the client editor.
    A connection stability graph with editable colors.
    Added an options form for selecting user preferences.
    The AutoReconnect interval may now be adjusted
    The main VPN window can be minimized to a tray icon.
    Saved VPN passwords no longer appear in plaintext in the XML file. They are encrypted with a weak algorithm.
    Added a 'Donate to Lifeline' button. People were asking about how to donate to the cause.
    Added a XML upgrade feature. Simply drop the new .exe file in to your older version's directory and it will automatically upgrade the XML clients file to the new version.

    Connection profiles
    Connection monitoring
    Automatic reconnection
    Server RDP and VNC connections
    Weblinks to router, wireless AP, etc. configuration pages
    Weblinks to server shares. i.e. \\\share
    Subnet detection
    Incorrect username/password detection
    UAC elevation in Vista
    Slim black theme
    Connection Editor
    Non-standard port configuration

    - possible fix for "underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly" issue
    - fixed a potential crash when connecting to invalid servers
    - added graph error handling

    Install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (Download from Windows Update)
    Download and Unzip

    Run the Lifeline VPN.exe executable
    The connection editor and options page should appear
    Create new connection profiles in the connection editor
    Save your profiles and close the connection editor
    Choose your new profiles from the 'Name/IP:' pulldown field
    Click the 'Connect' button

    LifelineVPN 3.0.3
    LifelineVPN 2.20 <- old
    LifelineVPN 1.00 <- old


    Main window:

    Connection editior:

    Options editior:

    Minimized to the notification area(system tray):

    Problem: "The client connects and gets a pre-shared key, but then times out and reconnects or drops the connection"
    Solution: Lifeline VPN pings the DNS server address provided by your VPN router. If your DNS server is blocking/not responding to ping requests the client will time out and attempt to reconnect or disconnect.

    Problem: "I use a certificate to secure my router. Is there an option to use one?"
    Solution: Lifeline VPN does not support certificates yet. Perhaps in the future depending on requests for this feature.

    Problem: "Lifeline VPN doesnt work with my router"
    Solution: As Lifeline VPN no longer uses QuickVPNplus it may not have the same range of compatibilty. I've tested it on a number of RV016 and RV08 routers with success, but it may not work with all routers. Please report any problems and I will try to address them. For now use the older client version 2.20 to connect.

    This software is provided free of charge and is unsupported.

    Let me know how you like it and what improvements you would like to see.

    Thank you to the creator of QuickVPNplus the original 'better' way to connect to Linksys Small Business routers.

    Nathan Meyers
  2. samuel613

    samuel613 LI Guru Member

    Wow. That's real nice of you to put that together and post it.
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the info. if you dont mind i'll put the file on our downloads if you like.
  4. meyersn

    meyersn Addicted to LI Member

    It's absolutely fine if you want to put it in the downloads. I'm glad that other people find it useful.
  5. ChristianF

    ChristianF Addicted to LI Member

    Hi there... thanks for creating a great tool :)

    Unfortunately, I am experiencing a problem with the tool: it doesn't realize when it is connected:

    So the tunnel is set up correctly (I can reach a web server on the other side), but the tool doesn't recognize this and says "possible disconnect" and wants to redial after 10 secs.

    Anybody an idea?

    Thank You!
  6. meyersn

    meyersn Addicted to LI Member

    Hi ChristianF,

    I see the problem. It is due to the ping reply being in German.

    "Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=44ms TTL=64"

    Please download and try version 2.20. I believe the problem is fixed, however I do not have a Deutsch version of Windows to try it with.
  7. xrvjorn

    xrvjorn Addicted to LI Member

    Great tool :clap2:! Together with the underlying QVPN, it saved my day :thumbup:. Linksys QVPN doesn't work for me under Vista 64, which seems to be a common problem, but QVPNPlus does and the Lifeline GUI makes it painless to use. The connection editor simplifies it even more.

    I also appreciate the fact that it just runs from wherever you copy it (USB stick or whatever), without the need for an installation program. Many thanks for your effort!
  8. lsarrat

    lsarrat Guest

    Hello Nathan,

    Thx for your great job. Can't get it to work on my Windows 7 RC French...oe anu hav
    Below the windows info...
    If you have an idea ;-)

    Description :
    Stopped working

    Signature du problème :
    Nom d’événement de problème: CLR20r3
    Signature du problème 01: lifeline vpn.exe
    Signature du problème 02:
    Signature du problème 03: 4a027c2a
    Signature du problème 04: Lifeline VPN
    Signature du problème 05:
    Signature du problème 06: 4a027c2a
    Signature du problème 07: f7
    Signature du problème 08: 0
    Signature du problème 09: System.IndexOutOfRangeException
    Version du système: 6.1.7100.
    Identificateur de paramètres régionaux: 1036

    Lire notre déclaration de confidentialité en ligne :

    Si la déclaration de confidentialité en ligne n’est pas disponible, lisez la version hors connexion :
  9. meyersn

    meyersn Addicted to LI Member


    At what point do you get this error? Is it when you launch the application or after you press the 'connect' button?

    Try the new version I've just posted 3.0.1.
    If you are still experiencing issues open the connect log and let me know how far through the connection process you get before it crashes.

    Thank you,
  10. FearKiller

    FearKiller Addicted to LI Member

    When using Vista Home Premium behind a Microsoft Base Station and attempting to connect to a WRVS4400N at my house, I'm getting the error message, "Unable to obtain preshared key." Any assistance with this?
  11. meyersn

    meyersn Addicted to LI Member


    That error means the VPN client wasn't able to authenticate with your router. Possibilities are:

    - you have the name/ip of the router wrong
    - your username or password is wrong
    - http over ssl (https) is being blocked

    Make sure you are using version LifelineVPN 3.0.1.
    - type 'verbose' in the password field to enable verbose logging.
    - reenter the correct password for the connection
    - attempt to connect to your router
    - if it fails, open the options window
    - copy and paste the log into a reply on this thread. remember to remove all password and IP information before posting.
  12. FearKiller

    FearKiller Addicted to LI Member

    Local IP address is:
    Connecting to host: *****
    Host address: *****
    Obtaining preshared key...
    Error obtaining preshared key. Server response: The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.
    That's what I'm getting.
  13. meyersn

    meyersn Addicted to LI Member


    Unfortunately I don't have a WRVS4400N to test, but I believe that version 3.0.2 may solve the issue. Please confirm if it does.

    Thank you,
  14. ChristianF

    ChristianF Addicted to LI Member

    Hi Nathan !

    Once again, great work!!!

    What would be great: a feature to set IP settings that override those gotten from the router, e.g. if using a Windows Network with AD behind the router.

    Connecting to host: xxx
    Host address: remote.xxxxxx.xx
    Obtaining preshared key...
    Successfully obtained preshared key: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    DNS Server:
    Removing all ipsec dynamic policies...Complete.
    Adding quick mode ipsec policy...
    Adding main mode ipsec policy...
    Adding client to host ipsec rule...
    Adding host to client ipsec rule...​

    The red part is the problem I think: this is the router's own IP and its DNS there, but a Windows AD Network needs to have its own dns. I know that it is obtained by the router with the certificate, but an option to override this value would be great...

    OR: ist there a possibility to have a script doing this by auto-executing a script with the "Post Connection Execute"

    This would be REALLY fine and would solve several problems I have ;-)

  15. Remotely

    Remotely Reformed Router Member

    how do I include the preshared key in the connection details ?
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