Radius and WPA Enterprise on board WRT54G

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Davey101, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Davey101

    Davey101 LI Guru Member

    Hi All,

    I've recently acquired a WRT54G Version 2 with the aim of running WPA/WPA2 in Enterprise mode with Radius. I was originally looking at the tinyPEAP firmware which has an onboard Radius server with certificate and user management built into the web GUI.

    The problem with that was that tinyPEAP has GPL licensing issues and is built on an outdated Satori firmware, so DD-WRT was recommended to me. However, now that I've installed it I realise that DD-WRT does not have the same kind of Radius features and I'm having trouble finding any firm details about how to add them. I've googled and searched this forum without much success.

    Is there really no demand for an integrated WPA-Enterprise solution?

  2. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    I don't know enough about it but it might be memory issues. Other more popular features might have to be removed...

    It should work against an existing radius server that the WRT can route to. The Thibor FW has the configs for accessing a remote radius server under WPA/WPA2 Enterprise. This type of setup would be more common in a true enterprise network.
  3. Davey101

    Davey101 LI Guru Member

    Hi pablito, thanks for the reply. :)

    The wireless router is for a friend of mine who has no other machines that could run a radius server. If it was for my own use, I'd find a way to install FreeRadius on my linux firewall (Smoothwall Express 2.0).

    As I understand it, WPA Enterprise adds both security and flexibility to a given wireless LAN, whatever its scale. What surprises me is that an application with a seamless GUI has apparently already been made and nobody seems to want to carry the baton forwards.

    In my googling I have found isolated reports of people doing it with DD-WRT but they don't seem to have left a trail to follow.

    I just find it odd! :confused:

  4. WiTopiaBill

    WiTopiaBill Guest

    Hosted RADIUS Solution : SecureMyWiFi


    May not be what you're looking for exactly but we have a hosted RADIUS service with web management interface for really cheap. $9.99 a year for 5 user accounts and $99 a year for 100 user accounts. nominal charges for additional APs and one-time activation fees.

    If this is something more people might be interested in, we could look at cutting a deal.

    Just a thought. we're at www.witopia.net

    Don't mean to be "commercial" but we're obviously not getting rich at these prices. :)
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