RADIUS Server and QoS/Traffic Shaping on WRT54G/GS/GL

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Grunwalski, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Grunwalski

    Grunwalski Network Guru Member

    Hi all :)

    i am an WLAN Newbie. Current i dont have a WRT54XX but I am looking forward to buy one. But, which one? And which software do I need?

    I want a WLAN Router that is able to run a RADIUS Server on it (found this TinyPEAP) and that supports traffic shaping, so that i can assure that me and my roommates always have an sufficent bandwith. In Ideal case it have the ability to set bandwith for clients AND ports.

    Can i use the WRT54GL for it? Does it have enough RAM? Is it capeabWhich Firmware would you recommend?

    I hope thats not to much for a first post, and also i hope my english is good enough, so that you could understand my question.

    grunwalski :)
  2. G_Styles

    G_Styles Network Guru Member

  3. Grunwalski

    Grunwalski Network Guru Member

    Thx for the answer. :)
    I didnt know this list. But I also dont know is how much memory I need? I know how much the different Versions have...but how much do I really need?

    I already read that DD-WRT supports RADIUS...but has it its own RADIUS server?

    Anyone here, who already runs a "traffic shaped RADIUS server" on a WRT54xx?
    would be great :thumbup:
  4. G_Styles

    G_Styles Network Guru Member

    It is a RADIUS server, but I believe you still need an IAS server to authenticate logons. Not sure about traffic shaping.

    You need a model that has 4MB flash for the firmware.
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