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    Why do I need RAID 0 or 5 on a NAS device? This makes no sense since when the data comes out of the drives, it slows down to the speed of the network which is theoretically 100mbps because all NAS devices I have seen have 100mbits/sec interface. Even the drives in the NAS are of the slower IDE type, the disk access speed is at 100MB/sec which is 8 times faster than the 100mbit/sec of ethernet.

    I can uderstand RAID 1 for redundancy, but RAID 0 and 5? If it's a database server, then any RAID that decreases disk access time is understandable. A NAS on the other hand does nothing but serve out files. There is not much processing like a database where the bottle neck maybe the disk access time and not the speed of the network connection.

    However if one wants to combine the additive disk space of the multiple drives in a NAS, then he can use RAID 0 and 5. In other words, if I really need a lot of storage on my NAS, I can have two 500 MB drives in a NAS with RAID 0. This way I have a total of 1 terabytes of disk space. So RAID 0 in a NAS really is about geting the bigger drive space and not about increasing access speed. RAID 5 if I want both maximum drive space and redundancy.
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