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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DarkKnight1680, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. DarkKnight1680

    DarkKnight1680 LI Guru Member

    Hello Everyone.

    I'm aure many have had this problem with their linksys routers but I have not found a solution yet. Any direct help would be greatly appreciated. I will try to provide as much info as possible.

    I have a Linksys WRT54G V5 router. I have one desktop computer wired to it (PC, XP). I have a Mac laptop (macbook pro) that connects wirelessly, as well as another desktop (PC, XP) that connects wirelessly. There are 4 other computers from our neighbours that I allow to connect wirelessly as well.

    I have upgraded the V5 firmware to the latest linksys version.

    The connection drops randomly. You will be using (or not using) any of the computers, wired or wireless, and suddenly all connectivity is gone. This is easily solved by walking to the router and pushing the reset button. The leds flash for a few seconds, come back on, and the connection is back.

    I talked to Linksys about this problem, and their only suggestion was to upgrade to the newer, V6 firmware. This only had the effect of causing the Mac to be completely unable to connect to the internet, even with the other computers working.

    The random drops are driving me mad. It needs to stop. Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    This gets me thinking, I know its a little off topic but might help some. I recently went through the same thing with a pix and my cable modem. Everything else plugged into the modem worked just fine but when the pix was in place it just would not stay connected for more then about 12 hours at a time. Took me a couple days and just about giving up to make myself look at it one last time. The issue seemed to be the pix was set to 100Full and the cable modem to auto. Even though once i set the pix to auto the cable modem negotiated 100full (and my problem went away). I know this isnt exactly the same thing, but it got me thinking and remembering many a time that i have had to set an adapter to auto or force it to the speed i needed in order to get it to work properly. I dont know if you can set either of your devices, however its worth a shot to see if it resolves your issue.
  3. DarkKnight1680

    DarkKnight1680 LI Guru Member

    i don't think there are any settings on the modem that I can change...never done anything like that.

    If there are settings then I dont know how to access them.
  4. farpumpe

    farpumpe LI Guru Member

    I'm in the exact same situation, but I have the WRT54GS (v6 with 1.50.8 firmware. I downgraded from 1.50.9, becuase it wouldn't work with my MacBook Pro). The problem only accours, when my Mac is connected, but it's really giving me a hard time.
    I think that there has been released a new firmware for the WRT54G, which should solve the Mac-problem, but nothing for my WRT54GS.. :(
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