Random disconnects on WIRED and wireless network...

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by bjodom, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. bjodom

    bjodom Network Guru Member

    I know there are tons of threads on random discconnects here but all those seem to be wireless connections.

    I have 2 wired PCs, 1 wired xbox and one wireless laptop.

    I own a wrt54g v2.2 and ever since I got it I get randomly disconnected from the internet and my wireless connectoin drops(can't even connect to computers). This can happen anywhere from 4-15+ times a day. The laptop disconnects all the time when I'm streaming music from my PC. It will almost always disconnect from the router and internet. My xbox also does this. I can play for hours and not have problems or play for 5 mins and have it happen twice.

    I have tried changing the beacon level to 50, different firmware with hard reset, different frequency(ghz), turning laptop off, various settings like upnp on and off with no firewall either. I have probably tried more just can't remember all of it.

    I had a router before and would always assign my xbox the same IP(not live but with my modded xbox). That was a D-link router but now with my linksys, it will always assign it anywhere from 103-115. I computers IPs always seem to stay the same though. I have never gotten disconnected while transferring big files over to the xbox. I seems that it could also be a modem problem which I will try later but my wireless network is still getting disconnected so their is another problem in there.

    Any ideas?

  2. Wolfenhex

    Wolfenhex Network Guru Member

    I am having the exact same problem.

    I have a WRT54G v2.2 with 2 Shuttle XPC's that are connected by WIRE to the router along with a PS2. I have wireless turned completely off on the router.

    I am getting constant drops and even having to unplug my router to fix it when it locks up(?). It happens when I do things that require a lot of bandwidth such as BitTorrent.

    I have no idea how to fix it. I have tried every firmware I can get my hands on and none of them fix this problem. All the threads I see for this have to do with wireless and other devices effecting the signal, but this is not a wireless issue at all. Like I said, wireless has been turned off on the router.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
  3. bjodom

    bjodom Network Guru Member

    Alright atleast i'm not the only one.

    But like I said I can sometimes play halo 2 for hours without being disconnected but within five minutes of streaming music from my PC to my laptop(wireless) it always temporarly disconnects. I also sometimes have to unplug my router to get it working again.
  4. jienn

    jienn Network Guru Member

    I joining you guys too, i have the v2.2 of the WRT54G. I don't use wireless at all but as soon i start torrentapps like azureus or downloading big files connection drops.

    Azurues even kills the router in a few minutes, so a hard reboot is required. I have a few friends that has the WRT54G , at least one with same hardware version if not all, and none of them has this problem.

    The only reason i could think of if it's not the routers fault is if its the network card in my PC that is not compatible somehow. But that would seem highly unlikely.
  5. tristan

    tristan Network Guru Member

    Same here. WRT54GS v1.0
    I've tried evry firmware and disabled wireless but WIRED connections will drop under load (ie. BitTorrent, FilePlanet downloads).
  6. Wolfenhex

    Wolfenhex Network Guru Member

    This is really causing a problem for me because my job basically requires me to put my router under a lot of load for days at a time. I think I need to get a new router this week because it is making it impossible for me to work.

    I'm really disappointed at Linksys but I'm still going to get another Linksys to replace this one (maybe a WRT55AG or WRV54G). I'm still hoping someone might have a fix for this problem so I don't need to spend more money on a router with features I don't need.

    I wish everyone luck with finding a solution.
  7. Rainey

    Rainey Network Guru Member

    I was having the drop and router lock up problem where i had to power cycle the router to get it working again.

    I found that it was one of my PC's, the NIC card was set to let the computer turn the power off to save power and the PC was set to go into standby after 30 minutes. Also the Hard drive was set to power down after 15 minutes.

    After i turned these off the lockups went aways never to return. I am not sure why, but the PC would go into standby even though i was still downloading from the news groups.

    The only problem i have as do many other, is the wireles to wired xfer of large files.
  8. bjodom

    bjodom Network Guru Member

    I did actually disable that on one computer thinking it wouldn't really do anything a couple days ago, then today after I read your post I disabled it on the other computer too and it has been running for 2 hours with emule running, halo 2 being played, laptop being used and diablo 2 on another computer and haven't had a problem yet. Hopefully this is a fix for me and others so I will let everybody know how it went while I'm at work.
    Uptime is 2:04 and hopefully get higher.

    Thanks a lot for the reply Rainey.
  9. bjodom

    bjodom Network Guru Member

    I got home and the network seemed to have went down. Nobody is up so they might have messed with something. I'll update in the morning to see whats going on though.
  10. anthcho

    anthcho Guest

    My computer was doing the same thing..
    start bittorrent client and the etherne starts hanging (stuck for a while ) almost every minute.

    finally I figure it out it was my network card on my computer cause the problem. There is a setting called "interrupt moderation", once I turned it off

    everything was back to normal again..

    now is very happy.. running bittorrent and donkey together..

    BTW.. this problem happened after I upgraded my motherboard with this
    "marvell yukon" gigabit ethernet ..
    previous mother board with broadcom chipset 100mbit got no such problem.
  11. bjodom

    bjodom Network Guru Member

    I got home from work and it was still running but crapped out at around 18 hours. So it definently helped. Theirs probably another small opption in there somewhere.
  12. bjodom

    bjodom Network Guru Member

    Any more ideas or progress from anybody?
  13. tristan

    tristan Network Guru Member

    I enabled QoS just for giggles; I have been PROBLEM FREE and running AWESOME for 2 weeks.

    Just enabled QoS and set it to Auto.
  14. shaynes250

    shaynes250 Network Guru Member

    The timeout for standby, hibernate (and screensaver) is based on how long there has been no keyboard/mouse activity, not how long it's been sitting there waiting for you. So a download while certainly work that YOU are intertested in is NOT work as far as the standby/hibernate (screensaver) timer is concerned.

    - Sean Haynes
  15. Buaver

    Buaver Network Guru Member

    I get this same problem, my comp will randomly disconnect from my wireless network;however, it only seems to be my comp! I have done everything from new antennas to the g expander but still i disconnect! I enabled QoS and needless to say it disconnected on me tonight while i was playing a game! Problem did occur while downloading using p2p networking and Azureus! It might be my network adapter which is a V4 WMP54G, but I dont know!
  16. Zlatnia

    Zlatnia Network Guru Member

    random disconnects

    Hey guys, if you have random disconnects on wrt54g you should try to use another net port. I'd used the 1st one, next to Internet port and I'd realised that I had to chenge the port after changing of the server operation system, network cards and firewalls. The decision was to move the RJ connectort to the next port. :)))
  17. Dyaus

    Dyaus Network Guru Member

    I just picked up the wrt54g this weekend and am having the same problem. It's extremely annoying especially while playing a game. It sucks to be disconnected right in the middle of a download or game.

    I have v3 of the router and have tried resetting to factory defaults and nothing seems to fix it. So far it seems like it takes about 45 - 1 hour before it craps out. Both the wired and wireless crap out. The only way i can fix the issue is to pull the power.

    I'm using my apple powerbook to connect wirelessly and my xbox is connected via wire.
  18. miqrogroove

    miqrogroove Guest

    I'm having the same problem :(

    I have a router configured as PPPoE client with DHCP disabled on the router. It is running the Alchemy firmware.

    About every 48 hours the router seems to hard boot. The power light blinks for several seconds, and all of the LAN adapters get disconnected.

    Is it possible this is being caused by the PPPoE client?

    Is anyone aware of a fix, or has anyone contacted Linksys?
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