random ping timeouts btw. WAG54G & WRT54G (~10%)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Schlappi, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Schlappi

    Schlappi Network Guru Member

    I got a new ISP and therefore the Alcatel Speed Touch was replaced by a WAG54G.
    On WAN the WAG54G is connected to the internet and on the LAN port the WRT54G (V2) is connected (non CAT5 cable). I know that's not the best way but I cannot change the cable anymore. It's in the wall and can not be replaced.

    Before the WRT54G I used a SMC7004BR with the Alcatel Speed Touch and everything was fine. No time outs on the ports.
    Using the WAG54G with the SMC7004BR behind also no time outs.
    Using the WAG54G with the WRT54G there are unregular time outs. About 10 %. It does not depend if I send 100 or 1000 pings.

    To show my configuration here a simlpe map:

    Old configuration (without problems):
    -> Internet --- Alcatel Speed Touch --- 20 m (none CAT5) cable --- WRT54G --- Notebook

    New configuration (8- 10 % time outs on pings between WAG54G and WRT54G):
    -> Internet --- WAG54G --- 20 m (none CAT5) cable --- WRT54G --- Notebook

    WAG:,, DHCP enable, Autodetect LAN DHCP Server disabled
    WRT:,, Automatic DHCP enable

    MTU is AUTO on both devices.

    If I use the old SMC device instead of the WRT54G I do not have problems. I guess the problem is the bad cable and the SMC is more resistant on the interference.
    Maybe someone knows if I can manually set the port speed to 10 M instead of AUTO. Maybe this would reduce problems.
    Changes on the firmware did not help. Also changes on the MTU did not help.
    FW Version WAG54G: WAG54GV2-EU_V1.00.19
    FW Versions of the WRT54G: HyperWRT_2.0b4_G.bin, I tried also HyperWRT_2.1b1_G.bin -> no sucess

    I tried it also with the original Linksys FW WRT54GV2_3.03.1_ETSI_code.bin which did not help as well.

    I also searched the net for shell commands to find some settings directy on the shell but without success.

    If I use a short cable (2m) delivered with the routers and connect directly no problem.

    Maybe someone of you knows how to handle this problem and please do not suggest to replace the cable. As already described: not possible

    Thx, Christoph
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you have really answered you question, the problem seems to be the cable doesn't it. either you fix the cable which is not possible as you say, or you have problems for ever more..
  3. Schlappi

    Schlappi Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your answer. Thought that there might be a hidden configuration mode on command shell to adjust collisions or delay or something like that because with the old SMC7004BR I have no time outs.

    I do not need 10/100 MB between the two Linksys. If the bandwith is 2 MB it's more than enought.

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