Random router lockups with v22r2

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by tmembrino, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. tmembrino

    tmembrino Network Guru Member

    First I want to thank BrainSlayer for the great firmware - really impressed with what I can do with the WRT54G thanks to DD-WRT!

    I just setup my router yesterday - successfully flashed DD-WRT v22r2. I set it up and got all the functionality working great - sshd, pptp - very happy. Tested ssh & VPN from outside the router today while at work - used it all day without a problem.

    Came home tonight - connected with my laptop wirelessly and have had alot of problems with the router becoming unresponsive intermittently. I've tried disabling the pptp server to save some CPU cycles - no joy. Also tried power cycling the router & cable modem several times - still get the dropouts.

    I realize v22r2 is stable - so I'm surprised I'm having this problem. I'm running a looping ping on the router and it seems to go down about every 5 minutes - stays down for about 2 minutes - repeats the cycle (the timing isn't exact every time though).

    During the down times the Power LED is solid so I don't think the router is rebooting or anything.

    Figured I'd post here since my searches didn't turn up any issues like this with v22r2. Maybe I should just reflash the firmware? Or give v23 a try when it settles down a bit?

    Thanks in advance for any help - just found this site last week and I'm very impressed with the wealth of information here.

  2. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    Enable full logging and check if anything is interesting in the log. I use WallWatcher so it is easier to see/filter/archive logging data.

    I use 22r.2 on WRT54G v2.0 and WRT54GS v.2.1 (for WDS) without any problems. I did confiure main router to reboot every night since once in a while it would get slower..

  3. tmembrino

    tmembrino Network Guru Member

    Well before I dig into the logs I decided last night to reset the firmware to defaults and redo my settings. Since then it seems to be running fine. Seemed like all the flakiness started once I got home and connected wirelessly - odd.

    I'll monitor it and if it acts up again I'll dig into the logs (took a look at WallWatcher - great tool - thanks).

    Looking forward to the release of v23 - looks like some great features are coming (the router stability is critical for my wife who works from home so playing with the beta builds is not an option).

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