Random wifi drops with my wrt54gl + tomato 1.23

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by scav, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. scav

    scav Network Guru Member


    I have some problem with my wrt54gl with tomato 1.23. I have connected 3 clients (1 x thinkpad wifi card based on atheros chipset, 1xhp pavilion dv6000 wifi based on intel chipset, 1xstandard pc wifi based on atheros chipset). The problem is that I randomly notice some disappearances of wifi signal on every connected client. The disappearence is very short for 1 second and after that client is making dhcp request and everything is ok till next disappearance. I have encryption in my network which is: wpa2 with aes.
    The wifi signal is very good because the computers are in the same room. The disconnections are not in the same time on all computeres so in the morning the computer numer 1 is disconnected from wifi for 1 second in the evening computer nr.2 is disconnected etc.
    Do you know what it can be ?

    It tomato logs there is nothing special just clients dhcp requests after wifi signal losing.
  2. kabar

    kabar LI Guru Member

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