Random wireless disconnects on my WRT54Gv2

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by TsukasaK, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. TsukasaK

    TsukasaK Guest

    Ok, heres my setup.

    On one side of my house is a Dell XPS wired directly into a WRT54G v2 (by serial number) - this is connected through a Motorola SurfBoard cable modem.

    On another side of my house is a custom built pc (Brand: AM Computers) using a linksys portable usb adaptor (WUSB54GP v4).

    Trying to get the pc to talk to the router wirelessly has been nothing but a NIGHTMARE.

    Sometimes you will start the PC, it will associate and connect almost instantly. Other days it will start, see the network, but not connect no matter what is tried.. Going through the windows wireless info shows the network (3 bars reception) - trying to connect through here leaves you stuck at the "Waiting for network" dialog indefinitely. Tried doing a repair, also nothing. The portable usb adapter has some software with it for managing the connection that replaces windows' wireless zero service - i show 39% reception on the network, but still no connect. Doubt its an IP address issue, as i can't even connect enough to get the "searching for ip" screen.

    Thought this might just be a signal strength issue - but due to our setup the router cannot feasibly be relocated. Running cable (as desirable as it sounds at the moment...) is also out due to the distance invovled. Tried sticking the official high-gain antennas on the router, absolutely no fix whatsoever. I'm still suspicious that this is a matter of signal strength though - as i can connect perfectly through my laptop's integrated wireless (though a bit closer :/)

    I'm using the HyperWRT firmware, tried boosting the TX power to around 200 - a slight (41% instead of 39%) boost in signal - but still a very flaky connection. Also tried what some other folks have suggested in changing the fragmentation and RTS thresholds, and beacon interval, to no avail.

    I've used no less than 3 different wireless adapters on PC #2 (WUSB11 v1 and V3, and the WUSB54GP)

    Can anyone give me an idea on how to boost my network's signal strength? Or maybe another fix if you think it's something else.

    Thanks much in advance!
  2. Nato

    Nato Network Guru Member

    Hi, if you're looking at boosting the signal strength on your network, you may want to look into purchasing something akin to the following:


    However, I would definitely try and verify that the lack of signal strength is the reason for your disconnects first. Try setting up the wireless computer somewhere closer to the access point, and seeing if you still get those same kind of disconnects... on the kitchen table, or something if necessary. It may be a pain to do so, but, better to do something like that then waste your money. :D At least, that's the way I look at it.

    Hope this helps you some.
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