Random Wireless Disconnects ... (SOLVED)

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by MBChris, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member


    sorry folks, ive tried alot of things to prevent my wireless disconnects i have but nothing helps, so i decided to ask the PROs to help me.

    an AP(1) which is connected via the _LAN_ Port to a HUB and the HUB connects to the WAN/INET (provided by an IPCOP-Router). There is also a second AP(2) wired to the same HUB.

    Since Christmas ( :) ) i get random disconnects for all Clients connecting to the AP(1). I allways have a SNR around 14-16 and a rate of 11 Mbit, but short before the disconnection the rate goes down to 1 Mbit. Shortly after the disconnect the AP(1) is no more visible to an survey from the client for about 1-2 Minutes. After these Minutes all went ok .... waiting for next drop outs.

    What i tried to find the issue:
    At first i moved abut 30 (of 60) Clients to a second AP(2) (near by AP(1) but 6 Channels down (AP(1) is on 7).
    Dropouts continued

    Next i changed the Antenna Cable
    Dropouts continued

    Changed the Hardware (From WRT54GS V.4 to WRT54G V3.1)
    Dropouts continued

    Do the Antenna-MOD /Removing the Chip
    Dropouts continued BUT stability is better, dropouts lasts only 30 seconds but as before allwas the rate goes down to 1 MBit

    Changed the Firmware to Hyperwrt+thibor12 (shame on me)
    Dropouts continued

    MAC-Filtering some Clients, but sofar not ALL of the clients to see if the dropouts continue
    BUT, Dropouts continued

    FYI, AP(1) is on Channel 7 / 84 mW, AP(2) is on Channel 1 / 84 mW. Both have 8 dbi Omnis.

    A Survey from AP(1) looks good for the Channels 7 and 1 they are free

    On all Situations and Tests the AP(2) is rock stable, same Firmware, same Hardware

    On all dropouts, before and after the /var/log/messages says NOTHING absolutly NOTHING.

    After the dropouts the Wireless Clinet-List becomes 5 to 10 Clients (of 30). Raising up with the time to the max of 30

    If i reboot the AP from the Shell, shortly after the reboot i see _ALL _ Clients within the Wireless Client-List with, of course, a SNR of 0 e.g. RSSI of -100. Because they are currently willing to connect.

    After some time the Client-List is again 5-10 Clients, populating to the next dropout.

    Now i dont know what to do further to get this dropouts fixed. Anybody out there who could help me ?

    And, for sure the P2P Fixes etc. are standard of my Setups so dont ask about that.

    Because i connect the AP over the LAN-Port with my WAN there are no conntrack entries which could help me out.

    I bet it is ONE and ONLY ONE Client who eats my nerves, BUT HOW could i get HIM ???? How can i diag the wireless dropouts ?

  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I'd suggest to file this with the DD-WRT bug-tracker. You have more details in your report than I do. I believe this is a software issue.
  3. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    SOLVED (Yes)

    Ok, after 4 weeks of bug hunting i solved THIS Bug. Stupid me, i can say today :eek:

    As i wrote, i splitted my Main AP into 2 APs but "at the same place". One on Channel 1 the other on Channel 7. Should be far away from each other but .....

    Both Antennas (8 dbi Omnis with power of 84 mW ) where to near assembled (about <1m). So there was haevy noise around ( -32 )

    SOLUTION: Power down the second "nearby" AP :)

    That was all !!!!

    Just want to give the solution !

    Greets MBChris
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