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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Loki2043, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Loki2043

    Loki2043 Network Guru Member

    when i was running the original firmware i would get disconnected from the router with my pc through wireless access...; i was hoping that the hyperwrt would help this, but it hasnt... everytime i leave the computer and come back it says its been disconnected and i have to "repair" it to get it to connect again.. although i must say that hyperwrt HAS helped it a little bit...

    i am running xp sp2 with the firewall disabled and the "bad data stopper" disabled...
    i have a linksys wireless G network card installed... the link quallity and strength are excellent... any help would be great 8)
  2. Loki2043

    Loki2043 Network Guru Member

    am i the only 1 with this problem?
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    what is the wireless client using for a device?

    have you thought it maybe that doing the disconnects and not the wrt54g?

    i had problems with my downstairs PC is chenged the antenna (DLINK DWL-M60AT) and all was ok then. it was NOTHING to do with the WRT54G the transmit level of the wireless client was weak sot the wrt could pick it up.
  4. Loki2043

    Loki2043 Network Guru Member

    well... im letting winxp do its thing here... so its prolly xp...ill run a google on it and see if i cant find a solution...thanx
  5. mutrax

    mutrax Network Guru Member

    Hey, i get that to, but I'm pretty sure its because of windows 2000. whenever I plugin a usb device or I restart a heavy service, the card goes offline for a split second. so far all aps run smooth, but the fact that it does disconnect annoyes me a bit. ;)
  6. MattStandage

    MattStandage Network Guru Member

    Have you guys checked your power saving mode settings on your wireless NIC driver? I didn't have mine set to CAM (Constantly Awake Mode) and it would disconnect after a few minutes of being idle. Just my two cents. :D
  7. 3003

    3003 Network Guru Member

    I was having real unstable action between my WUSB54GS & WRT54GS on my computer. It would show connection speeds changing from 11 Mbps to 54 Mbps, hitting all speeds inbetween. The USB card would disconnect and at times totally disappear from the tray. It would be still showing connected in Network Connections. At times, if I did a restart on my XP Pro it would hang until I disconnected the card.

    To test the card, I installed it on the second computer also running XP Pro. There it ran flawlessly.

    I placed it back on the 1st computer and did the following.

    1. Changed the USB cable to another.
    2. Plugged the unit into another USB slot. (Have 4 USB2)
    3. Found Hybernate was on. Turned it off, although I've never seen my system Hybernate.

    Once I connected with the WUSB54GS it worked as efficient as it did on system 2.

    See if these might be a problem on your system as well.

  8. Loki2043

    Loki2043 Network Guru Member

    hmm... looks like the cam mode was on.. but was off when on ac power... so i switched a few things and now i guess ill just wait and see :lol: ill keep yall posted
  9. Loki2043

    Loki2043 Network Guru Member

    yeah...that didnt work so well.. it worked a little.. but after a long time of idle it cut out when i logged back in... i guess ill look at some more settings and see whats up... any other ideas?
  10. rhythm1

    rhythm1 Network Guru Member

    I have a Linksys WPC54G wireless card installed in my laptop, and had intermittent disconnects also. Found the answer here:


    The Wireless Network Monitor Version 4.0 utility works with all Linksys wireless cards, I believe.

    It worked for me. :)
  11. mutrax

    mutrax Network Guru Member

    *lol* did find that one just yesterday to and installing the v4.0 (i'm on win2k) of the utility fixed the problem for my wmp54gs to!

    Great! :wink:
  12. kcmark

    kcmark Network Guru Member

    Hey Rhythm and MUtrax,

    Are you both running Win2K as your OS rather than XP? I've got a WMP54G and running XPHome w/ SP2 on my client PC and everything I've found on this forum and elsewhere online has said that the Linksys wireless utility (which http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,12480664~mode=flat
    recommends installing) does not work well with XP. That was also my experience when I briefly tried it on my client PC with a WUSB54G before returning the adapter to get the WMP54G. If you're running XP and it's working well with no disconnects let me know. I'm currently using WZC with my WMP54G and XPhome and the frequent disconnects are maddening.

    WRT54G v2.2
    WMP54G v2
  13. rhythm1

    rhythm1 Network Guru Member


    I am running WindowsXP Pro/SP2 on my laptop and had no dropped connections with the Linksys utility and my WPC54G, BUT the PC was slow to boot and I had intermittent crashes of the utility when logging into my account (my son has the PC on 24/7 so he could live with it).

    I am now using WZC again, But have assigned a static IP to the laptop. No disconnects in 2 days!
    I hope to do more testing to see if changing back to IP assignment by DHCP will cause the disconnect problem to return.
  14. mutrax

    mutrax Network Guru Member

    Yup, i've just installed the wireless utility, installed the downloadable utility v4.0, and pointed to the latest driver files (located in linksys's latest driver zipfile) while installing the 4.0

    Works sweet! and still no disconnects!
  15. kaladeth

    kaladeth Network Guru Member

    i have the same problem. all stock worked fine before, but moved into a new house and got a new laptop to boot, so here's a quick update:

    1. updated driver to use non-speedboost driver as my WPC54G card is not GS... didnt fix it
    2. tried both stock and hyperwrt @ 50% power boost... didnt fix it
    3. locked down to G, WEP to minimize factors... didnt fix it
    4. checked for conflicting channels in the area: found 2 other APs using channel 6. changed to channel 1... didnt fix it

    still getting the disconnects... am starting to suspect my laptop (it gets really hot, and so does the card...)

    5. currently trying the network monitor utility v4 fix

    if that still doesn't work i'll try the static IP fix; will get back after a couple of days

    by the way, is it true that using a microwave can wreck your wireless connection???
  16. Loki2043

    Loki2043 Network Guru Member

    yeah it didnt seem to work for me.. maybe i did somthing wrong.. but after i did this and restarted my computer i couldnt get wireless up at all and had to change it back.... damn it :(
  17. kaladeth

    kaladeth Network Guru Member

    still got disconnects and i didn't like the way the network monitor utility messed up my windows so i uninstalled it and re-enabled the WZC service; promptly ran into another problem of my network card associating with other people's networks (!)... quickly fixed here:


    after that, i suddenly get solid, disconnect-free connections (up 48 hours now and still going...)

    so (1) maybe installing and uninstalling NMU did the trick or
    (2) i was getting disconnected as the signal of other networks came in range and grabbed my connection because i was set to "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks." Windows would latch on to these networks because they broadcasted their SSID (i don't) and they were at the top of my preferred list. this is by design according to Microsoft.

    that's my theory at least.

    next few days will slowly restore system to see if it is in fact stable (will go back to mixed mode, bump up to WPA, etc..).
  18. GPSi

    GPSi Guest

    This may be of interest to many people who are having random disconnects with a reboot required to get it back. I recently set-up a home network with WUSB54G USB wireless adapter on my Windows XP PC (USB1.1), PCMCIA card on a 98SE laptop and a WAG54G ADSL router. Everything worked fine for a couple of days, then I installed a USB2 PCI card and plugged in all my USB devices inc wireless USB adapter. All went well until started loosing connection and very often in the end (as little as a few minutes) even with excellent signal. No problems on Laptop so new it wasn't the router. Checked everything, got v. annoyed and decided to plug it back in to original USB 1.1 port on motherboard. So far this has cured it! (only been 1 hour but am excited by finding the solution, potentially).

    It seems that a lot of people are having difficulty with the device, especially with Windows XP. From my Googling etc nobody so far has mentioned their USB types. Perhaps the combination of XP and USB 2 is an issue.

    Hope this helps some people.

  19. s0nlxaftrsh0ck

    s0nlxaftrsh0ck Network Guru Member


    So i've been reading a few topics on here. And noticed the talk about these 3rd party firware's

    I'm running windows XP SP2 on 2 Desktop computers and one Dell Laptop. I know the Dell Laptop does not have a Linksys network card. But 1 desktop computer does which is in my living room. The other desktop is wired to the router so there are no disconnections there.

    So between my laptop and my wireless desktop computer.
    I've upgraded the firmware to 3.03.6. I've gotten High Gain antenna's. I've gotten a Range Expander that MAY be defective because it will not work in repeater mode or something of that sort.

    My desktop computer is no more than 10 or 15 feet away from the WRT54G v2.2 router and it will lose the signal and won't find the signal again for a good 5 or 10 mins.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any replies ^_^
  20. CowboyBob

    CowboyBob Network Guru Member

  21. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    Both those topic links are dead. :(
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