range of the WAG54G and how to extend

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Olafski, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Olafski

    Olafski Network Guru Member

    I moved to a new house and my router is on the topfloor. Two levels down, I have no signal. When I go up the stairs two meters, I do have a signal . Quite frustrating it is such a small distance.
    Now I heard that the antenna of ONLY the WAG is not removable so how can I extend the signal?
    I heard there is some hacked firmware which can increase the signal but this is only for the WRT?
    I heard the Linksys Range Expander won't work with the WAG, why not?
    I heard I can use the WAP54G as a repeater, but some say it can't.
    Some say I can open up the WAG and there are some connectors on the board. But I don't like opening it and as a noob fool around with the hardware or is this really simple?
  2. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Which version do you have ?

    WAG 2.0 doesn't support WDS yet so WAP54G works only in client mode.

    WAG 1.2 with firmware 1.02.7 supports WDS so eveything is possible (WRT, WAP, WRE, etc.)
  3. Olafski

    Olafski Network Guru Member

    Wow, I am not that technical to know what WDS is. The WAG I have is the version 2 one:
    SO could I use my WAG and this WAP as a repeater? ANy other options?

    Thanks for your reply!
  4. 7ttman

    7ttman Network Guru Member

    I use two WAG54G's one as my gateway, the second to repeat the signal. One, the gateway uses firmware 1.02.07, the other, uses 1.02.05. WIth so many people fed up with WAG54G's you'll probably be able to pick one up for a song!

    The gateway is configured to use
    the other configured as and DHCP relay

    Setting up WDS, you'll need the MAC addresses, but I think 1.02.07 automatically recognises the 1.02.05 box - either way, register the others MAC address in the appropriate screen.

    Also set up the SSID's and channels to be the same on both boxes.

    One word of caution, WDS simply proporgates the packets, so for each repeater, you'll cut the throuput in half. You don't get 54mbit/sec anyway!

    Another thing you can do is to purchaser a high gain aerial. Dr. Bott's is a pretty good one.
  5. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    You need WDS (Wireless Distribution System) to bridge or repeat a wireless signal.

    Until today, there is no firmware for WAG54G 2.0 supporting it.

    Consequently, your WAP can only access your WAG as client but not as repeater or bridge.
  6. 7ttman

    7ttman Network Guru Member

    Another thing to do is use a directional aerial. If you thing about the signal as being the shape of a doughnut ring, but with a very little hole in the middle (where the aerial is), then facing the aerial horizontally, rather than vertically, you might find the signal distance improves.

    A directional aerila will project the signal move in one direction than the other.

    Don't have experience of WAG version 2.0 so I can't comment on the above post. My experience is with the first generation of the WAG54G which everyone moans about, especially the folks who use the whirlpool forum in Australia.

    I do knw that the Linksys repeater will work with the firmware I have - even though it's not mentioned in the list of supported devices. Since Linksys are pushing and supporting WDS, then I'd expect the V2 products to have firmware which will work.

    Of course another solution is to buy one of the newer products with the three aerials. The signals on those cover a greater area. If you feel that you don't want to buy Linksys, then I'd suggest you look at BT's range. Can't remember the manufacturer, but when I run KISMAC on my iBook, and Netstumbler on my PC, they can both detect my neighbours' wireless signal and that's at least 100 feet away through several brick walls and lots of glass. I think it was call "2wire"?
  7. 7ttman

    7ttman Network Guru Member

    and another thought.... last year I purchased an apple air port express which also has WDS. I successfully configured it to a) acts as a client for receiving airtunes and hence be able to play my itunes library any where around the house, and b) extend the range of my WAG54G using WDS. The great thing about it is that you can just plug it into any power socket around the house.

    I don't use it for that anymore, since my wife still prefers good old fashion CD's...... What I am using it for is a wireless print server!
  8. Olafski

    Olafski Network Guru Member

    Well, if i want to use the WAP54 as a repeater and to forward the signal of my WAG54G, I thought it doesn't matter what the WAG supports. Shouldn't I just configure the WAP54 as a repeater and 'tell him' where the WAG is located?
  9. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    put it on the second floor (
    down one floor) and you will have the best of both worlds if the cablemodem cant move then get a fat cat5 cable and run it to the ap that way... its not that hard to do
  10. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    I've quite the same pb at home, but I solev it by changing the wag place to optmize the coverage
  11. macjoost

    macjoost Network Guru Member

  12. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    I did it !
    That increases the signal a bit but I suppressed it cause it's ugly ! :)
  13. Olafski

    Olafski Network Guru Member

    I replied to Linksys when they answered that I can't use a WAP as a repeater but should use the WRE v2, and asked how this should work when the WAG still doesn't support WDS. They replied:
    I don't get it, if the WAG doesn't support WDS what does it matter that the WRE does? :eek:

    On a different forum I read:
    Is that true, did v1 had WDS and v2 hasn't????? :cry:
  14. derBernd

    derBernd Network Guru Member

    Same Problem...

    Hello List,
    I have the same devices (WAG54G & WAP54G as repeater 8m from WAG...) and the same problem.
    If i switch WAP to repeater mode with WEP-Encription, WAP communicates with WAG, good packets are sent and recvd, which is seen in menu "Status" of WAP.

    On the WAP side (8m), which works only with static ip adresses, i dont get any IP-Addr. from DHCP!
    My IPW2100/Centrino roams perfectly between both devices, but on the WAP side there are no addresses assigned to IPW2100.
    ..And switching the WAP to DHCP mode doesn't work.
  15. Olafski

    Olafski Network Guru Member

    How did you get the WAP and the WAG talk to eachother in the first place? Since I have heard this is not possible since the WAG has no WDS.

    From Linksys I got the following reply on the v2 WRE and the WAG:
  16. derBernd

    derBernd Network Guru Member

    In repeater or brige mode i filled in the MAC address of the WAG.

    Then you have to setup the WEP (i use 128bit, 4 key) encryption again. After confirming, look that the encription flag is enabled!!!
    In the status window, you will see, that the encription is disabled (firmware error). You also will see that good packets are sent and received.

    But on the WAP client side, i cant ping the gateway. :cry:

    Perhaps there is a working firmware for WAP54G...
  17. Olafski

    Olafski Network Guru Member

    OK,thanks for that! I can borrow a WAP so will try that soon!
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