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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by n3tfury, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. n3tfury

    n3tfury LI Guru Member

    Hi there, I did a quick search with my "problem" but didn't come up with any concrete answers, so here goes:

    I purchased a WRT54GL the other day soley to upgrade the firmware to either Alchemy or DDWRT. I decided on DDWRT and read what I thought were proper directions and installed version 23_sp1 standard with no problems. But, upon skimming through the Wiki and seeing the directions there, i noticed that was supposed to reset the router to factory defaults then use the mini, not the standard version, THEN the standard version? (!)

    so, my question is, since i didn't clear the vram before installing DDWRT, am I using more vram than I should be? If i want to reflash now that i have 3rd party firmware onboard, what's the safest way?

    thx for any responses!
  2. Deimdos

    Deimdos Network Guru Member

    First of all, a hard reset, and then you should be able to upgrade to any firmware.
  3. n3tfury

    n3tfury LI Guru Member

    that's answers one of my questions, thanks. anybody else?
  4. Reiper

    Reiper LI Guru Member

    Supposedly there is an upgrade size limitation built into the Linksys firmware (3MB) so you're supposed to flash the mini then the standard. While doing this it is best practice to clear the nvram before and after each flash (hold reset for 30sec). However, I've heard of people flashing right to standard w/o problems. If you did this w/o a hard reset you'll want to do this now (30sec button thing) so the nvram doesn't have leftover settings from the Linksys Firmware. After you do this and re-key your settings, you should be good to go.

    Also, once you have a third party software on your system, you should be able to go to any other firmware w/o issues. Again just do the clear nvram and reset before and after each flash.
  5. n3tfury

    n3tfury LI Guru Member

    thanks for the reply Reiper. i did do a hard reset AFTER flashing to standard, although i didn't hold for 30 secs. it's my understanding that once using 3rd party firmware, that you only do hard resets, correct?
  6. Reiper

    Reiper LI Guru Member

    Not positive on this but I think if you hold the reset button down less than 30 sec in dd-wrt it will only do a soft boot (kind of like power cycling it) but if you hold it down for over 30 sec it should not only reboot but clear the nvram as well. All the firmwares are a little different but generally (unless your using tomato) you have to hold for over 30 sec.

  7. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

    Due to the default GL firmware you no longer have to flash to the mini version first before flashing to the standard firmware. Older G and GS units should be flashed with mini first.

    You should reset your settings before you flash so that there won't be complications at bootup after the flashing.. such as not being able to login the configuration webpage, etc.

    You must reset your settings after you flash so that any settings leftover from the prior firmware are erased so they don't interfere with DD-WRT (different firmware may use the same variables differently which would cause crashing/irregular functioning of the router).

    To reset your settings just use the "Reset to Factory Defaults" option within the firmware.
  8. n3tfury

    n3tfury LI Guru Member

    awesome, thanks alot for the great replies. i think i'll just do a hard reset just to make sure everything's "cleared out".
  9. n3tfury

    n3tfury LI Guru Member

    just an update: hard reset worked great, no issues.
  10. Reiper

    Reiper LI Guru Member

    Good to hear it!
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