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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sgola, Aug 15, 2009.

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    Re: WLAN/Wireless repeater

    Can anybody help me? I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless/LAN router in my house. I have a CAT5 cable plugged into one of the ports and goes into my garage/office which is a separate structure. (I ran the CAT5 cable from one building to another overhead through a piece of blue electrical flexible conduit.) I want to hook up a wireless router on the other end of the CAT5 cable so I can connect to the internet/LAN from multiple computers/external hard-drives etc. (My thinking is: 1.My wireless router is in the house. 2. I run a cable from one of the four outbound ports to the garage/office. 3. I plug the other end of that cable into the modem port of the repeater/wireless router. 4. Presto---I have wireless access in the other building that is part of my existing network.) I need to know what piece(s) types/brands/models of hardware I need to attach to the CAT5 cable in the garage/office in order for me to have wireless connection to access the LAN/internet from my existing setup in my house. They need to be compatible with my current router. I would like to just buy something, configure it and turn it on and it works. Since I have a WRT54G and a WRT300N I tried many of the ideas on how to convert the router to a repeater but to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks, Stephen
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    Hi Stephen

    Its very simple actually. You don't HAVE to think about it as a repeater, since you are not repeating the wireless signal from your house router. I have a similar setup running from my 3rd storey appartment to my basement.

    my appartment router is a WRT54GL and my basement router is a WRT54G both running dd-wrt (firmware is not important)

    Both my routers are working solely as WAP/switches, since my ISP doesn't allow setting up custom routers.

    I connected the patch cable from one of the 4 switch ports on the WRT54GL to one of the four switch ports on the WRT54G. both have different SSIDs and run on different channels (even though they are so far appart that it really doesn't matter) and offer two different encryption keys.

    Any router should work out of the box for this kind of setup.

    hope this helps

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    I have this exact setup at home and at church.

    The only thing I changed is on the 2nd router, I have it with a fixed IP address and turned DHCP off.

    You don't really need DHCP on the 2nd unit, and it can cause some real problems if you use it and don't configure it so it does not overlap with the first router.

    At church, it's a Belkin router and in the setup screen, it is set to be used only as an access point. This is then plugged into a switch. The primary router provides the DHCP and all other router functions, the 2nd unit servers mainly as a wireless extension. Different SSID's, same WPA key to minimize confusion among users.
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