REAL easy question about a v4 WRT54GS. Should I keep it? :)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by duckdown, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. duckdown

    duckdown Network Guru Member

    Hi all!

    I just managed a WRT54GS at Staples for a nice price VIA a pricematch, but they only had 2 left, and they were the CGN6 (4.0 according to the chart) models.. I just need to know, before I open this, is this a good router? Can it run all the custom firmwares and stuff? I use Linux myself and supposedly this also uses a Linux firmware doesn't it?

    I just need re-assurance that this is a good model and not one of the crap ones :)

    Thanks all!!
  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    It is a terrible unit. Full of toxic waste, plutonium residue, etc. Please mail it fo me for proper disposal. :)
  3. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

    The GS v4 runs Linux like its predecessors. It is more picky than the earlier versions about flashing it with third party firmware but it can be done. If wanting to use HyperWRT then you'd flash it first with DD-WRT Mini Generic and then flash it with HyperWRT Thibor. It is a good router.

    On another note, if you had the choice between the GS v4 and an earlier version I'd probably have chosen the earlier version due to the extra memory and easier firmware upgrades.

  4. duckdown

    duckdown Network Guru Member

    Thanks swinn.. I hope the guy above you was joking! ;)

    I'm going to try installing HyperWRT on it, yes

    Thanks for the heads up on the appropriate process, I'll give 'er a shot tonight :D

    I wont be able to find any previous versions I'm sure :(
  5. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

    It's a good idea to erase the nvram after you upgrade it from DD-WRT to HyperWRT. This will erase all the settings saved in the device to help prevent problems occurring from stray data. Easiest way to do that once you have HyperWRT installed is to goto the Administration - Management page and click the "Run Command" button. Enter this:

    erase nvram;reboot

    and then click Run. You'll see the lights on the router flash a few times (rebooting). You can then close the run command window and refresh the management page.

  6. TEG-Neo

    TEG-Neo Network Guru Member

    If you go a few threads down ytou will see one called "WRT54GS V4 Nightmare". Open it and a few posts from the bottom there is a post with links directly to the mini and Hyper flash files for this router. Since that post i have done two of them and it worked perfectly following that post.
  7. ruk11

    ruk11 Guest

    hi all my question is will you choose GS v2 or v2.1 over v4? I know v3 is better since it's the same as v4 with more memory. But seems like v2 and 2.1 is using another chip and i'm just wondering if there is any disadvantage with that. I found a v2 at Bestbuy last night and seems like Circuit City is selling v2.1 online

    also swinn, i see that u r using Tofu 12 with your GS. is there any reason you went for that instead of thibor?

  8. SteelersFANinMA

    SteelersFANinMA Network Guru Member

    If you don't have any speedbooster clients or you don't want to use speedbooster, then some people have chosen to run the tofu firmware instead of thibor. My guess is that there's a little less code in the firmware and it will run a little faster. If you need speedbooster, then thibor is probably the way to go.
  9. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

    I'd go with the v2 or 2.1's over the v4 just for the memory. Now whether or not you will see any performance difference, I don't know. My v2 G seems to work just as well as my v3 GS.

    I use Tofu 12 because 1) I don't need speedbooster and 2) the G firmware was a lot more repsonsive to Internet requests than the GS firmware (I have not tried Thibor 12 with the other firmware base).

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