Reboot router to get cifs working

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by belbo, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. belbo

    belbo Addicted to LI Member

    I just thought I'd post this quick tip. I haven't seen it elsewhere. I spent the whole day trying to get a cifs mount working to no avail - until I rebooted my router. Magic.

    Some quick details about my setup which I may update further later -

    Linksys wrt 54gl router
    Tomato v1.27.1798

    Shared folder -
    - samba (cifs) share on an ubuntu 9.04 machine (ethernet connection to router)
    - set up a new user to own the share (tomato) (system > administration >users & groups)
    - shared folder path : /home/tomato/routerlogs
    - folder owner and permissions: 777 tomato:tomato

    On router -
    - unc: //ip.address/routerlogs
    - (ie you need to use the sharename and not the full path)
    - (I used all small letters in the path to avoid any issues with capitalisation)
    - user and password: tomato, (password as set up for user)
    - the rest, including domain : blank

    Other things that may or may not have helped -
    - on router: create new file
    - on ubuntu box: restart samba

    I am going to try mounting a second cifs share with my normal ubuntu user. If that works I'll get rid of the tomato user. Will report back.

    Hope this saves some people some time.
  2. jackie999

    jackie999 Addicted to LI Member

    belbo, this guide you've written has helped me tremendously....I'm still not able to save, but I'm a lot closer..did you have more tips to add to this post?
  3. belbo

    belbo Addicted to LI Member

    jackie, pleased it helped and good to get feedback. I'll have a look if I have more notes, but I doubt it. I did get the share working with my normal ubuntu user though. If you can't save perhaps it is a permissions issue?
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