Reboot WRV200 remotely with Script Command

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by netlinker, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. netlinker

    netlinker LI Guru Member

    On googling for a solution for the frequent hickups of my WRV200 I came across the following (foreign language) website:

    It appears that this is describing a script to reboot the WRV200.

    Can anyone confirm what the following lines of code do ? Shouldn't it read AdminReboot.asp ?

    wget http://admin:password@youraddressip/AdminRebootConfig.asp

    wget http://admin:password@youraddressip/AdminRebootConfig.asp >dev/null 2>&1
  2. Baro

    Baro LI Guru Member

    it works

    I tired it, it works :).

    This is a great discovery. Thank you for the link
  3. netlinker

    netlinker LI Guru Member

    I still have users working on the WRV200 end of the network so can't try myself.

    Which command did you use ? Did you have to change anything (except for Password and IP Address) ?
  4. Baro

    Baro LI Guru Member

    I have two WRV200 connected via a VPN tunnel.

    I was able to reset the local and remote router by doing:

    - Open a web browser
    - For local router, enter URL:
    http://admin:[password]@[local router IP]/AdminRebootConfig.asp
    - For remote router, you need to enable "Remote Router Access" in the Administration page
    - enter URL:
    http://admin:[password]@[remote router WAN IP]/AdminRebootConfig.asp
    - enjoy
  5. netlinker

    netlinker LI Guru Member

    It works for me too, but only if I had the router open before and if I don't enter [admin:password@]. So the dream of a scheduled reboot of the buggy WRV200 has not yet come true.
  6. Baro

    Baro LI Guru Member

    It is working consistently for the local router. But intermittently for the remote one.
  7. MurphyWalker

    MurphyWalker Guest

    Reboot on cron

    Hello everyone.

    I'm very happy to discover that my article was found interesting and solved some problems :thumbup:

    Enabling the Remote Control in the Administration config and using the default port (8080), the command should be the following:

    wget >/dev/null 2>&1 is your IP address as seen from the net

    I've tested it and runs, for me :wink:

    This line of code is to run a cronjob from my server, as the "wan-to-radio" part of the router freezes at least once a day. The server is hard connected with cable to the router, but I've never had any problems to restart it from my wi-fied laptop.

    "wget" acts as a browser;
    "" deals with the AdminRebootConfig.asp page as a protected folder in order to fill the requested user+pwd;
    ":8080" is the port at which the router is listening for commands;
    the ">/dev/null 2>&1" part of the cronjob is to tell him to not send confirmation emails to you containing the output of the command.

    As I'm running my server inside the lan, the IP address I usually use for the router is its own, as set in the config and without the :8080 port specification.

    When I want to reboot the router directly from my browser, I'm using the following, instead (I've saved it as a bookmark):

    All the best.
    If you have any matters please feel free to contact me. Cheers.
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