Rebooting Router at Fixed Time, don't want the blame game.

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by PJGHangouts, Jan 26, 2019.

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    Hey Peeps,

    So, for a while know, and times during the day, I lose connection, myself and the wife started noticing this at 6.38pm as we'd be playing an online game and we'd get booted.

    When we were not playing the game, if I had my steam friends list open, I'd see a 'disconnected' and then it would reconnect 30 seconds later.

    So, I set up a bat script, to run on a machine that is always on, and ping google and when it didn't get a reply it would put a simple time and date stamp. I also reached to my ISP (there is where I don't want the blame game, as I know my ISP will blame the hardware, and then the hardware could blame my ISP) my ISP has replaced all the wiring from the pole to under the home, replaced the modem and run all their tests.

    I've tried once to connect my laptop direct to the modem (the old one) and at 6.38pm it didn't happen, but I worry that it had already ready happened by the time I was testing (I will testing again on Sunday).

    Here is my dilema, I cannot seen anything within the router settings that would cause a reset at a fixed time ever day (as it's like a schedule), so I started doing my research, and I heard various stories about various Netgear Firmware updates, some breaking some peoples, some fixing something people. So I put the latest firmware (official netgear) and it was still doing it, so I rolled back to the recommended one that people had said was good, working, stables, etc (I think it was V1.0.9.14_1.2.25) it still did it. So I (thought bugger it, lemme see if there is a custom firmware I can try, so I found and installed the latest version of Asuswrt-Merlin (NG Branch: 384.8_2 Date: 8-Dec-2018). It is still doing it.

    So, what goes? From a hardware, Netgear, standpoint before I changed the firmware, is there anything that could cause the router to reboot, or lose connect at a fixed time everyday, what can I check? I'm ok with SSH'ing etc, but I'd just need instructions.

    I'm going to post a similar question to the netgear forums, so I can see if I get any guidance from there too, but it has my feathers ruffled, as I'm usually ok trying to fix tech issues, and this one has got me baffled.

    I did have a point were I was slow speeds, that was me, that was my setup, so I ripped everything out and rewired everything, myself and the wife are direct into the router (then to the modem) and everything else is on a netgear switch (not to be selfish, I don't care what happens to other devices, but myself and the wifeys machine need to be always on :) )

    Can anybody help me with this dilema, I'm not bald yet, but I fear in a few months I will be after pulling all my hair out.


  2. PJGHangouts

    PJGHangouts New Member Member

    No Thoughts or Ideas?
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