Rec requested for SOHO router+qos+vpn+domain routing

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by aconnell, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. aconnell

    aconnell Guest

    I’ve been searching for a while for a good SOHO router for my home office. Wireless is not important… would rather have another device for that honestly (more centrally located in the house). Aside from all the usual stuff, here’s what I need in a specific order:

    • QOS - use VOIP so I need to make sure the VOIP device gets the highest priority.
    • VPN – prefer to not have to use some client, rather setup the connection using the Windows client (specifically in Vista… trying to avoid any x64 client issues).
    • Advanced routing – think port forwarding, but on steroids. I’d like to route requests coming in on one domain to a specific internal IP. This would be really nice to have, and I’ve seen some folks talk about it in reviewing routers, but yet to find one that does it.

    I've got a WRT54GL right now, but the QOS is subpar and it doesn't do VPN or the advanced routing.

    I know I can do a lot of this with ISA, but I’m not interested in deploying ISA. Already talked through this with Spence and it just adds to much complexity for me, a lowly dev.
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