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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Rosewood, Apr 16, 2005.

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    Its 6:17am my time and I haven't slept in awhile. I am trying to get a nasty file transfered and have been trying forever. However, my brand new WRT54g v3 has decided it likes to reboot itself ... a lot. In the week that I have had this router, I have probably had 3-4 dozen disconnects. In the last 6 hours I have had that many.

    So, I decided to go into the hacked firmware route. To make a long story short, I said this is a lot of crap and decided this is what forums are for. So, I have a few basic needs

    1) PPTP pass through needs to work. Under the default firmware, my Windows Server 2003 was unable to receive any VPN clients. 1723 was forwarded (or whatever) and PPTP pass through was enabled. I don't need the router handling the VPN connection.

    2) 15-20 wireless connections. With this WRT54g and other routers/APs I have delt with -- when so many people get on, they just shit out. I have a WRT54g in an office that has to have the power cycled every day because of this. This has to be addressed.

    3) Good working PPPoE support, SBC USA compatible.

    4) Easy to manage, easy to configure QoS. I have to be able to say that traffic on my BitT ports gets throttled when traffic on my Battlefield 1942 ports go crazy.

    5) Damn near unlimited port forwarding, including ranges. Triggers and time restrictions would also be A+ as well.

    6) Anything else that you have found essential. Basically I want this thing to handle my internet connection, let my server have what it needs (heck, the server handles DHCP even) and have wireless access that doesn't suck.

    So far I have looked at OpenWRT (their docs say to use Ping hack. Doesn't work on v3. I also don't want to use experimental software on my soon to be brick) as well as Sveasoft. Sveasoft works okay but seems like a bad hack of what was already there. It has trouble making my internet connection in the first place.

    Thanks forum people.
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