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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by NickCatal, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Right now I have a WRT54GS with DD-WRT. Here is my problem-

    I am connected to a university network that allows its users to bring in wireless routers, as long as they are only acting as APs and not as actual routers. That means turning off DHCP and plugging in port 1 to the wall. ALL IPS ARE DYNAMICALLY ASSIGNED, THERE IS NO WAY TO GET A GLOBALLY ROUTABLE STATIC IPS.

    When you setup your router you are given a 172.16. address to set your local IP to. Of course, if you do not set your hostname to the 172.16 IP address then you will never be able to access the CP. And of course, because evidently the router does not (out of the box) allow you to remotely access it if it is not pulling internet from the "internet" port.

    So what do I do? How do I get it so that the box pulls a dynamic IP so that I can use it on the network as an actual server? What Firmware to I use? Does something like this exist? The biggest NO here is that my router can NOT act as a gateway and I can NOT assign a static ip other than the 172.16!!! Everything else is basically AOK

    Summary: I want to run this in Access Point/Switch mode but still have it visible to the internet...

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    A couple observations...

    You should be able to configure your router to get a DHCP address on the WAN port and then connect the WAN port to the school's network. This is not different than if you were to connect directly to a DSL/Cable modem etc. There are no technical limitations preventing this in your situation (unless there's more going on that you've stated) and the school won't know the difference. What their acceptable use policy states is a different matter...

    Unfortunately you won't be able to access your router even if you do connect the WAN port to the schools network. The school's routers undoubtedly won't allow incoming connection from the internet. If you just want to be able to remotely access your PC there are multiple options though. For example check out hamachi

    Good luck.
  3. raistphrk

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    Duplicate topic -

    Re 4Access:

    The major concern seems to be the network registration system on the network, but several of the systems out there that I've used only check the MAC after the initial registration, so spoofing the MAC address on the WAN side should be permissible.

    That's possible, but it's also going to depend on what exactly you want visible on the internet. If you set up port forwarding to specific PCs, then they will be visible behind the NAT. However, as 4Access pointed out, a number of protocols will either be blocked by the campus firewall or limited by a PacketShaper.
  4. 4Access

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    @Anybody reading this thread

    I recommend continuing this topic in the thread raistphrk mentioned as the discussion has been going on there for a little while and it's too confusing trying to keep track of more than one thread.

    Consider this thread CLOSED! :)
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