Recommended Linksys for Hotel Hotspot

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Viperiontech, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Viperiontech

    Viperiontech Network Guru Member

    Hi all:

    Could anyone recommend any specific Linksys gear for a small (2 - 4) node HotSpot for a hotel?

    This install does not require heavy security as the owner has requested an open system.

    We were thinking of using either 1 WRT54G and Linksys AP's or a couple of WRV54G's wired back to each other.

    Any other recommendations would be gladly accepted.

    Thanks! :)
  2. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    Why buying a WRV54G (or even several of them), if you want to run an open network? The WRV54G is a quite expensive, VPN-capable router for networks with increased security requirements.

    I'd recommend buying a bunch of WRT54G routers, installing a WDS capable third party firmware and linking them in WDS modus. These boxes are inexpensive, reliable and easy to configure. The advantage of WDs modus is, that you can just drop the routers somewhere in the building, without the need for having a wired connection between them.

    The disadvantage of WDS connections is, that they are decreasing the overall WLAN speed. But if you just want to share an internet connection over the WLAN, and don't require a highspeed connection between the connected clients, that's not a problem.
  3. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    If I was in your position the following two facts would weigh heavily with me:

    1. The WRV54G costs significantly more because it includes additional security features which it sounds like you won't be using...

    2. Since they cost about the same getting all WRTs makes more sense to me considering custom firmware allows them do everything the WAP54Gs can do (and MUCH more!)...

    Edit: littlewhoo beat me to a response... :p
  4. Yoguess

    Yoguess Network Guru Member

    i own a hotel and i am planning on using the cable modem to provide an internet access with 1 of few wrt54GS routers
    in my case i have 2 two stories buildings which are about 100 or 200 feet apart so only access point will be used
    thing is i dont want neighbours or wardrivers to sit in my lot and use the service so when ever guests connect to the service i want them to use a code as in pass phrase (which will be changed every now n then)
    they get a code when they check in
    is it possible to do this with just this routers or do i need a stand alone pc?
    and which firmware n settings will allowe this?
    is this possible with oem firmware in GUI?

    i'm a Info Tech/ Info Security/ Business Admin major
    and the first thing i learned was "KISS" Keep It Simple Stupid thas why i have all this questions
  5. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Well the simplest thing to do that wouldn't require any special firmware or other equipment is simply enable WEP and then and then have some cards printed up with the WEP key on them to hand out.

    Of course this isn't secure by any means since it would take less than 30 min for someone who knew what they were doing to "hack" in. On the other hand it would keep out the casual business man sitting at the bus stop.

    If you really wanted to keep people out you could enable WPA instead of WEP and again hand out cards with the WPA key on it. The drawback to this is that not all stations support WPA so a certain percentage of legitimate guests wouldn't be able to connect.

    What I would probably do though for a project like yours is use something like It will require the use of an old PC but the features you get are well worth it IMO.

    Those features include content filtering, bandwidth limits for both quantity & speed, logging, and more. The biggest advantage for a project like yours though is that authentication is done via a web interface like people might be used to seeing at StarBucks etc. To get the system to function the way you desire simply enable forced logon and then just hand out a card to customers with the currently active user account they can use.

    Note that the PublicIP webite is about to go through a change as the creator is implementing a commercial aspect to the project, but the current free features will remain.

    Let us know how it goes!
  6. zgamer

    zgamer Network Guru Member

    At work recently we did a setup for a local hotel. We had a little bit bigger setup but with how small you are talking I would get 3 wrt54gs. Set the one that is a master where you run cat5 to the other two wrt's.

    We did a little bit larger setup as was required for our setup. We purchased 6 wrt54gs and still used the existing motorola router. We set the routers up down the hall starting with one in B-only, then G-only, then B-only, and G-only at the end. This was to make sure the best speed for everyone connecting from both 1st and 2nd floors. Then the 6th router would be in the lobby doing both B & G. The router closest to the lobby doing B-only served as the master where all the other wrt's plugged their uplink ports to over cat5e. All of the routers were flashed with Alchemy 1.0 as it was the best option at the time, however we do have plans on reflashing with dd-wrt come beginning of August before the equipment starts to get hammered.

    Also, currently there is no encryption on it and the wireless is wide open(ssid broadcast is disabled). Because of the building construction signal doesn't leak out of the building much and anyone wishing to play with the wireless would need to be in the building or within about 15 feet of it.
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