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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by pmcintire, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. pmcintire

    pmcintire Network Guru Member

    Hey everyone. I received a WRT54G for Christmas and set everything up yesterday. 20 minutes later, I swapped it out for the US Robotics 8000 Router that I'd already been running for 3 years.

    Before coming to these forums for research, I had already discovered that the WRT54G is a piece of crap. Even without Azureus on, the thing was locking up, losing pings, and not serving it's admin webpage within minutes of being powered up. And further, I don't even want to mention what happened after I launched Azureus, but I will -- Everything died. Even after closing the application, the router became totally unresponsive, killing all of my connections until I peformed a hard reset on it.

    I learned through these pages that I indeed do have a v5. So, I've learned that I can't use any 3rd party firmware or otherwise without going back to Best Buy and searching through the boxes for an earlier model. I'm leary of even doing that because I'm not totally clear on all of this firmware stuff since I haven't had the chance to flash and play with it myself.

    What I want is this: a stable router that will keep its cool and function for weeks+ without a reset and torrents seeding on one of the machines. (So far I've discovered that this is unlikely, and that the best people have been able to do is 6 days).

    I got the USR router about 3 years ago when I first got hooked up to DSL (6mbps down/600k up) and I've only been on the torrent wagon for about a year now. I had assumed that the router was just getting old and that was the reason it was having to be reset about every 3-4 days or so to start functioning again. Not until yesterday did I discovere that it most likely suffers from the same ports-locking issue that the rest of these do.

    But the 3-4 days I can live with. Would it be my best option to just stick with the USR? Or is there the possibility that I can get a WRT54G functioning better (if I discover an earlier model that I can flash)?

    Any tips, walkthroughs or other general advice would be appreciated.

  2. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

  3. ybbmadysu

    ybbmadysu Network Guru Member

    Thats odd. I have a GS v4 and run torrents all day and night. I seed till I reach 100%. this has been going on for about 6 months now.
    Since the install of HyperWRT 2.1b1 it has never required a reset/reboot. Seems like it is solid like a plastic rock.

    Dont give up on linksys yet. My neighbor just bought the WRT54GX2 and uses that Ares (or something like that) network without any problems. Read oter posts, you will see that linksys (except v5) is a really great brand.

    Hope this helps.
  4. pmcintire

    pmcintire Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the tips and confidence...

    I've spent some more time reading the forums and have discovered users with v3s & v4s who are having uptimes of 90+ days, etc by using HyperWRT. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong place for long-term success stories.

    Now, it's just the challenge of finding a 54G that's not a v5... or .. all GS models are still good for 3rd party flash, though, right?
  5. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    i have a wrt54gx v1 and it's abysmal, worse even than my old wrt54g v2, which worked fine with hyperwrt till it died unexpectedly a while back.

    replaced it with a gx and it's terrible, so i'll be l;ookignt o swap it for a GS sometimes soon, when i get around to it.

    pretty sure all gs's are fine with hyperwrt, but afaik it has to be the thibor version not tofu.
  6. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

    Yes currently any GS will work with HyperWRT. Thibor is very similar to Tofu and contains the Speedbooster code.

    However you can flash the GS with Tofu by erasing the nvram, loading DD-WRT mini generic, loading Tofu and erasing the nvram again.

    You can also load Thibor onto the G v2-v4 and GL by using the same procedure.

  7. superakcraig

    superakcraig Network Guru Member

    Okay, I know I will probably get laughed at for saying this BUT I recently got a wrt54gc because someone recommeded it to me on another site to be able to download torrents and to surf at the same time. I must say that after getting this router, (because the Belkin I owned before wouldn't let me surf and download at the same time) I have been very impressed. My down speed is upwards of 150 to 300k(based on where I get it from) and I can maintain approximately 500 to 600 connections without loosing browser function. I have never had to reset my router because of traffic congestion.

    I did have an issue with the web interface on the router and I installed the EU firmware even though I am in the states and everything has been great. I actually like my wrt54gc now.

    Just an idea and they are pretty cheep too!!
  8. motocrossmann

    motocrossmann Network Guru Member

    The linksys hardware seems very sketchy from a repeatibility standpoint. Some people report great performance from a specific version of a router and others report problems. Maybe Linksys QA just sucks?

    I've had the following:

    WRT54G v1.1 - Junk
    WRT54G v2 - Good
    WRT54GX v1 - SoSo
    WRT54GX v2 - My best router yet. Bomb-proof (I had to RMA my v1 to get this one. I'd recommend the same for everyone with WRT54GX v1's)

    My .02...
  9. Valmor

    Valmor Network Guru Member

    I just ordered a GS (I'm assuming its going to be v4.0). Do I need to enter any startup scripts to get the uptime with HyperWRT 2.1b1 you're talking about? Any sort of special instructions? Or just load the firmware?
  10. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    interesting. do you torrent a lot, or are you just meaning in general, it's better than previous models?

    how did the RMA process go? what did you need to supply them with to get a replacement?
  11. chumley

    chumley Network Guru Member

    I'm getting tired of messing with my WRT54Gv4. I've got dd-wrt (latest stable one), i've played wth almost every conceivable option, i went to and set up applicable port forward settings, and i still have trouble dling torrents, accessing the control panel of the router thru my browsers, slow surfing, and to top it off, i'm having a hell of a time getting my laptop connected wirelessly (WPA and WEP won't allow access). MAC filtering is the ONLY security i have right now!
    Its late, i'm grumpy. I'm gonna try thibor tomorrow. If that doesn't work, i give up on this POS54Gv4.

    [b]My home network:[/b]
    P4 2.53 CPU (WinXP Pro SP2)
    Asus P4P800SE MoBo
    ATI Radeon 9600xt
    1 GB RAM
    Marvell Yukon PCI Ethernet Controller
    Linksys WRT54Gv4 (dd-wrt) (DUH!)
    Laptop(2003 model)
    Centrino 1.3 Ghz (802.11b) (Win XP Home SP2)
    512 MB RAM
    Integrated everything

    Any suggestions for this setup (including windows network settings)? Anything would be appreciated. I am really a total noob at networking...this has been my first (and likely final!) attempt at it.
  12. TaMaX

    TaMaX Network Guru Member

    Hmm on my 3.1 dd-wrt 23f i have 4096 Maximum Ports and 150 in TCP/UDP Timeouts.
    Also in qos i have all p2p networks on "bulk". DNS on premium. Http,html on express.
    You should also setup in qos Uplink kbps to 90% on your bw.
    And 95% Downlink kbps.

    Everything should going better :)

    I can run torrent and emule in the same time for days , and router run good.

    I have set autorestart every sunday night :)
  13. chumley

    chumley Network Guru Member

    thanks for your reply!
    Some more specific q's:
    Do I have to put in the ports for each service in the QoS "Services Priority" stuff, or just leave them "0~0"? I've already entered it on the port forwarding section.
    Also, I use BitComet, and i've tried to add/edit service (as "BitCom1" in "Services Priority"), and its in the add/edit list now, but it won't let me select it as a service (it omits it from the drop down list) once outside the add/edit window. How can i get BitComet selected?
  14. TaMaX

    TaMaX Network Guru Member

    Well in ddwrt i used build in services for qos (edonkey, gnutella , bittorent etc.) I not edit ports for those, i have 0~0 and works fine.

    I checked ,and i cant add new services too. Maybe its a v23 bug ?
  15. haridsv

    haridsv Guest

    I can confirm that

    I first bought the GC version and got excellent results with torrents. But I had a week signal problem even to the room that is adjacent (just a wooden wall) sometimes, which was ridiculous, so upgraded to GS version. Now soon after Azureus gets active, it stops responding to everything. Connections that were active would continue to work, at least for some time, but nothing new works, even the admin console to the router. If I shutdown Azureus, the router becomes more responsive, but I continue to see some sluggishness/unresponsiveness until I reset it. I still have Linksys firmware, though I upgraded it.

    I would like to try the HyperWRT firmware now. Can anyone tell me if the router settings will be preserved during the upgrade? I have a number of settings such as the mac filtering that I would like to preserve. Thank you.
  16. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member


    what this site needs is a good FAQ.

    BT causing problems with ANY router is indeed a Frequently Asked Question. This is not specific to Linksys or particular routers.

    It is that the BT software ends up filling up the tiny default connection tables on cheap consumer routers.

    There are fixes for it. For example you can set BT to be not *quite* such a pig with how many connections it has open etc and this reduces the problem, or at least it takes longer before it fills the connection table.

    You can also increase the size of the connection table if your router has the room for it. I have the old GSv1.0 unit which has a generous 32 megs RAM :)

    you can search the forums here and elsewhere for "bittorrent" and you will find many helpful threads which it would be silly to rehash yet again.
  17. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    well that didn't do me any good:

    i don't have a reciept, so I guess I'm stuffed. again.
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