red diag light on continuously

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by pys203, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. pys203

    pys203 Guest

    Just wondering if anyone can help.

    I have a WRT54G v1.0 and recently purchased a WRT54G v3.1 to replace the v1.0 as the main router. I flashed both routers successfully with DD-WRT v22 final and managed to set up WDS for both routers, with the v1.0 router receiving wireless signals from the v3.1 router. Everything worked fine for almost a week, then the v1.0 suddenly stopped working when I woke up a few days ago. Its power and diag lights are on continuously, and I tried holding the reset button but it didn't seem to do anything. I decided to leave it alone as I had to go to work. When I looked at the router next morning, everything was fine again and I was able to connect to the v1.0 router wirelessly (it was configured as and the v3.1 is configured as Unfortunately, when I came back home from work that night, the router stopped working again just like before (power and diag lights are on continuously).

    Strangely, the lights would sometimes go dim, almost seems like it's not getting enough power.

    Can anyone tell me what possibly went wrong with it and if the v1.0 router is certified??
  2. GrassR00t

    GrassR00t Guest


    I have the same problem. Everything was working great last night and I woke up this morning and it was not working. Anyone know what is going on?
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