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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nikCrhash, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. nikCrhash

    nikCrhash LI Guru Member

    Hi there
    Id like to know how to redirect any computer that connect to my hotspot to another web page saying a kind of publicity. I am just talking about the first web page.

    Can anyone help me or have an idea


  2. scuba_steve

    scuba_steve LI Guru Member

    The first thing that comes to mind is that the hotspot's wireless router should point to a proxy server instead...which would display the advertising page if a request came through without an established session and then establish a session for that client (perhaps with a 30 minute timeout window from last access). If the client requests a resource with a session pre-established, the proxy server would just forward the access request.

    So what software does this? No idea. I am a developer and can envision how I would build it, but I would troll sourceforge first to see if it is already there.
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Ill have to do some looking but i know there are packages out there that depending on the router you own can be installed on it.
  4. nikCrhash

    nikCrhash LI Guru Member

    Thank for your quick response.

    The router is a Linksys WRT54GS. I do not which to create different account. id rather just have them all unsecured and ease access.

    Of my understanding after reading a little, all i need is the router to connect to a specific Ip address that will forward to the publicity web page. But I am still a little far from achieving it. Anyone have a little tip?

    thanks again

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