Remote access still accessable through VPN

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    Admin Remote access still accessable through VPN

    I think this may have been brought up before but just as a reminder even though administration remote access can be turned on and off independently of VPN access, once a VPN has been established the address administration login can be accessed through the VPN. So in reality remote access login is not turned off.

    This next point is really weird. First off I have changed and saved the rvl200 remote access port numbers for both the admin and vpn services. Then from a computer on the lan, if I use my rvl200 wan ip address as the destination url in firefox or IE7 without any port numbers :)xxxx) I end up being directed to the rvl200 login page. So this means if you access the rvl200 via a computer on the lan behind the rvl200 router using the rvl200 wan address the rvl200 login server still responds to the default port numbers. This means that even though the port numbers can be changed for wan remote access the lan rvl200 access port numbers stay at 80 /443 so they will continue to conflict with other lan computer equipment accesses to another web server using port 80 / 443. Has anyone else discovered this. I should point out remote access done from a computer on the wan do indeed need to use the changed port numbers.

    This applies to version

    Does anyone know if this is still the case for version v1.1.10.1?
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