Remote access with Symbian device

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by menses, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. menses

    menses LI Guru Member

    I installed Tomato on my brother's router last week.
    He told me he would like to access his desktop computer through his Symbian based phone from the Internet. The main use would be to get some files.

    The setup is:
    Desktop PC <---> Tomato (with public ip) <---> Internet <---> Symbian phone

    What would be the best solution for this scenario?
    Should I consider VPN? I have never used it before, and I already googled a bit and there are no good free VPN clients for Symbian.
    How about SSH/SFTP server on the Desktop PC and port forwarding on the Tomato? Would this be safe enough?
    Maybe I'm missing some easy solution.
  2. gawd0wns

    gawd0wns Network Guru Member

    I think using an SSH server on the router with public key authentication is the simplest. You can then setup a simple FTP server on the desktop computer.
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