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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by net_eng, Jun 7, 2007.

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    I have been administering all my RV042 routers using IPSEC. Now it is has become necessary to use a less overhead method like https.

    I am trying to use HTTPS to manage them from the internet but cant seem to get it to work.

    I have https enabled, I have firewall rules to allow it, I tried enabling remote administration to port 443, but none of these seem to work. My only feeling is that it thinks its a quickvpn connection and obviously fails. I tried forwarding 443 to internal IP but that doesnt work either.

    I sniffed the traffic and tcp 443 traffic is getting to the RV042 and does show up in the RV042 logs as being accepted,though I dont get anything from there other than a message on the browser: <router> has sent an incorrect or unexpected message <-- quickvpn type response I guess

    I dont use quickvpn so I dont care if it doesnt work but https doesnt seem to work from the internet. It works fine from the LAN side and obviously via IPSEC.

    There has to be a way, I dont want to use plain http(cuz that works fine).


    Any help appreciated.
  2. net_eng

    net_eng Network Guru Member

    Ok, so it does work using the following method:

    Ensure that remote administration whether enabled or disabled is set to any port other than 443. I enabled it, set it to port 80 then disabled it.

    Setup a port forward rule to forward all 443 requests to internal IP of router (ie:

    This works but the one thing I missed was rebooting the router after setting up the port forward (opps! :) )

    Also ensure you have firewall rules to only allow certain IP's(unless you want it open to the world).

    Sorry for the wasted text, it figures when in dought try a reboot! :)
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