Remotely upgrade firmware? (config info is lost on upgrade)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tji, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. tji

    tji Network Guru Member

    I set up a WRV54G router/AP at my parents home, and it acts as a firewall for their cable internet connection, and AP for me when I'm there. I had hoped to use it for remote VPN access to their network, but I have had trouble getting the IPSec configured to allow this.

    I want to upgrade the WRV54G to the latest firmware version, but that will reset the configuration information and require all the settings to be manually entered again (including the port forwarding to my Linux box in their basement, which allows me SSH access to manage their network). I'm about 2000 miles away from them, so physical access is not an option.

    So, is there any solution for saving the configuration through firmware upgrades, or automating the config process so I don't have to walk my mother through the process of entering the required settings?
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    There is a save/restore config option but when I tried using this the last time I upgraded the firmware on my WRV54G it went through the process but config still remained as default :? Can't think of an alternative solution either :(

    What problems are you having with IPSEC?
  3. tji

    tji Network Guru Member

    > What problems are you having with IPSEC?

    I'm just having basic problems completing an IPSec session. I'm using a PowerBook, with MacOS's built-in IPSec (based on the KAME project). I have used it with other VPN devices (like a Check Point VPN-1), so I'm pretty confident in the client config.

    On the gateway side, I see a few syslog error messages that may or may not relate to the config, such as "ipf_check_interface:306: RGFW-CONF: Failed ioctl (SIOCADDDV - No such device) on dev 'ips54'" and, I don't get expected debug output from the IKE negotiation. So, it just seems like something is not right in the OS/firmware. I want to blow it away and start with a clean config that I am more confident in.

    Luckily, I'm heading out to the East coast on business, and I'll be able to stop in at their place on the way back. So, I'll be able to do it all in person in a couple weeks.
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