Repeater Support?

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by JimK, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. JimK

    JimK Guest


    Does MustDie Firmware support Repeating with non-linksys products?

    I've tried using the standard linksys firmware to repeat a Cisco Aeronet 1200's signal, but without sucess. Linksys's Tech Support said their units can only repeat other Linksys APs; I'm guessing this is a software limitation more than a hardware one.

    If MustDie doesn't support repeating of other vendor's signals, does anyone know any firmware that would?

  2. Rainman

    Rainman Network Guru Member

    RE: 3Com

    I had the same problem with my 3Com Officeconnect router, I cannot set the Wap54G to repeat this router.

    I have now set both AP's to the same settings, works ok (so not repeating just AP-ing)

    I too would like to know which firmware can do generic repeating.

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