Request for Setup Guidance

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by orbitol, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Request for Setup Guidance

    I would like to request some topology & implementation guidance for the setup of my LAN, primarily from the mediators of the site.

    I have included a pictorial diagram that illustrates my present setup.


    The feed enters from the local telephone carrier as a normal 4 pin modular into a modem labeled as VDSL (GVM-1001A). The line is split inside the modem, one terminating as my telephone feed. The other becomes the 8 pin modular Ethernet. The VDSL modem is then fed into a Linksys OGV200 optimizer. This is in turn fed into a Linksys EZXS55W switch. The switch splits the line between two Linksys WRT54G AP/Routers.

    The first router is running Sevasoft’s Satori 4.0 in AP Mode with WPA / TKIP enabled. The MAC filter & firewall are also enabled. The TX Power has been bumped to 78mW. There are no WDS or VPN presets. I have blocked three URL in the Access Restriction, but no further settings have made in that section. Port Range Forwarding is the default 0’s & DMZ is disabled. The password is 16 mixed characters & the Remote Access 8080 is disabled. Presently, this is the only connection that is shared by two PC & a wireless laptop. There are also two Linksys WVC54GC cameras & a Sony PSP that have MAC access the connection. A Linksys CIT200 is also utilized for VoIP via Skype.

    The second router is at present running Full Open, primarily as a decoy. None of the PC in the environment is utilizing Simple File Sharing, nor the Local Workgroup features of Windows. All wired PC are running Linksys LNE100TX cards.

    As I live in a very densely populated city in the Pacific Orient, there is at least 5-6 other wireless AP within range at any given moment. LAN security has always been my highest priority. Running around with a high capacity USB key is preferred to file sharing capability. In the first two years of operation, incursions into the LAN through direct connection to the VDSL router created almost monthly reformat & reinstalls.

    Almost two years ago, I bought my first WRT54G for the NAT capability. Within 6 months, I successfully flashed it to Satori, shortly after becoming a member here at Linksys Info. Since that time, I have had no similar problems.

    However, After being able to bump the TX Power & ‘get above’ everyone else around me has created a different minor annoyance. After using my Wi-Fi, I routinely reboot the router. That turns the ‘Wireless G’ light off. About once a month, the light comes back on steady, indicating that an attempt has been made to access this router.

    Where I live, there are PC Cafés every 100 meters, & zombies abound everywhere. But, because of Linksys’s products & Linksys Info; my PC’s & LAN are almost ‘totally dependable’! I do not presume to understand wireless networking nearly as much as the other members of our organization, not by a long shot !! I can't even post the illustration properly !

    Any pointers, suggestions, comments, or criticisms are greatly appreciated.
    And thanks in advance for your wisdom & advice.

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    The setup looks pretty straightforward, you seem to have it down pretty well the way you drew it, thats a fine topology based on what you asked for...
    I have built some pretty wacky network setups so I can help you with whatever you need, but this really doesn't seem that complicated, pretty much do what you drew and it should work, if i'm missing something let me know and i should be able to help.
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