Resetting a WRT54G many times a day

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by SlinkingFerret, May 21, 2007.

  1. SlinkingFerret

    SlinkingFerret LI Guru Member

    Okay, well sometimes it's fine for a day, sometimes it needs resetting many times. I know the basics of networking, but I'm an application developer, not a network technician. So I'll describe what we're using and how we're using it and maybe someone could suggest what's going wrong, how to fix it or what hardware we should have for our needs.

    The Router is the WRT54G. It has another non wifi Linksys attached as a switch because we use more than 4 wired ports.

    basically 6 or 7 computers (hey, there are 5 people living here) hooked up via CAT5. One is an XBox360, 1 Mac G5... one computer uses BitTorrents a lot, another uses newsgroups to download.

    2 computers hook up wifi, one is a laptop media center which just moves media files around to play and a Nintendo Wii.

    So basically we'll use our internet connections pretty constant on 2 computers and intermediately on a few of the others.

    So the internet will stop working. Sometimes we have to reset (pull out the plug for about 10-30 seconds) the cable modem, most often it's the WRT54G we have to reset (theres a button to push on the front or pull the plug).

    Now I've had the internet with routers for years. FIOS, DSL, Cable. Usually Linksys, sometimes netgear. Always a heavy downloader, but I've never had this problem to this extent. Maybe once a week with little spurts of resetting.

    It's only with this many computers and this much downloading that I'm having this problem.

    I'm not sure if theres some way to test whats going wrong (like a log that records errors). I know number of computer wise, we're not abnormal, they're made to link together as switches.

    So does anyone have any advice on how to go or what product (preferrably Linksys) would clear up this problem?
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Sounds like its the torrents machine causing the issues, can test by not using the torrent for a couple days. But if you search around the forum there are lots of threads of torrents causing this very issue.
  3. SlinkingFerret

    SlinkingFerret LI Guru Member

    I'll try to approach him about it, but thats his thing. I get the impression that he'd rather reset the router 8x a day rather than loose his torrents.

    One thing that was advised to me, seeing as I'm on Firmware version 1.00.9, was upgrading firmware. Linksys has version 8 up on their site. I downloaded it and followed the instructions to install it and after I get the "firmware installation complete...rebooting" message, the firmware still says 1.00.9 rather than v8.xx.x (whatever the exact number may be).

    So I have no clue if it's a bug not changing the version number or preventing an upgrade or the documentation is wrong on how to perform an upgrade.
  4. justavidjunkie

    justavidjunkie LI Guru Member

    I seem to have a similar problem with my router, but no torrents involved. My 54G version 8 is brand new, and everyday since i've hooked it up, i've had to unplug the power to reset the connection. I'm not sure what happens, it just stops communicating with the computer. I've flashed the router with the latest firmware, with help from a Linksys senior technician over the phone, but that did not resolve the problem. I have one computer wired to the router, a lexmark WiFi printer, and a Wii running WiiConnect24. If anybody can help me with this aggravating problem, I would much appreciate. Getting a GL is about the only solution I can come up with.
  5. dkerby

    dkerby Guest

    I am seeing the same problem also. My setup is very simple. I have one computer wired, 2 wireless laptops and one Wii. I end up unplugging the power once a day to reset it. I have the newest firmware and have also done the same things that have been posted. I am using Comcast cable for my internet.
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