Restart? email testing? Quota on Disk1 'public'

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by gheiman, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. gheiman

    gheiman LI Guru Member


    I have a few questions about my newly acquired NSLU2. First of all I purchased it in Switzerland, and I running Firmware V2.3 R24.

    1) I have tried to Shutdown and Restart automatically. Shutdown OK no problems, it beeps and powers off. But no way to have the unit Restart automatically. I have to push the button…. Any advice here?
    2) I have set up an email for errors, how do I know if it works?
    3) I am using the ‘Disk 1’ share (also known as ‘public’ folder) on the network to share files across many users. It is quite handy. How can I set up a QUOTA on this share?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    Best Regards
  2. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    I use R63.

    1) I think automatic Restart is working for me, but I have it set for the wee hours of the morning and I've never actually watched it. The reason that I think it is working is that if you write and delete a great many files (something on the order of 7-10K), the NSLU2 seems to slow down its reads/writes. I haven't noticed this slowdown effect since using the auto restart.

    2) I've never gotten the email to work and don't know when it is supposed to send mails.

    3) There is no way of limiting the bandwidth used for public access within the NSLU2 with the Linksys firmware. You would have to handle that through a router's functions.

    BTW, firmwares R63 and higher have FTP server capability added with both public and private access.

    If your NSLU2 shipped with R24, it may be an older unit that has its CPU clocked at half speed. If you are an adventurous sort of person, you can "overclock" your NSLU2 to full speed. Obviously doing so will void your warranty and you should try it until you are certain your unit isn't defective. See this for how to do so: The latest NSLU2s are being shipped clocked at full speed from the factory.
  3. gheiman

    gheiman LI Guru Member

    Restart Alone is good? Quota on DISK not bandwidth


    1) I was trying to shudown and restart to power donw the USB drives. So I guess you are suggsting even if I do not shutdown it may be a good idea to restart. I guess the effect you are seeing is caused by journaling of the EXT3 drive. Restarting forces the journal to be written?? Anyone else a cue?

    3) I do not need to limit internet bandwidth, I need to limit DISK QUOTA on Disk1 share (the 'public' folder which is automatically created). Anyone else has a clue how to limit disk quota for the public share?

    Thanks all in advance
    Best Regards
  4. kevanj

    kevanj LI Guru Member


    In V2.3R25 the Administration - Users page has a field for enabling per user quotas
  5. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Now that I understand you wanted a disk quota and not bandwidth quota, R63 has this also on the Users page for the guest (I thought that was public). Have you tried to impose a quota on the guest user without any results?
  6. gheiman

    gheiman LI Guru Member

    Cannot set disk quota on disk1 (public)

    Sorry I was travelling hence delay in respone

    Yes, I have tried to set quota on guest and no result.
    I am checking this via the 'Properties' right-click menu on my Windows XP computers.

    What happens is that for each user I map 2 network drives, say P: for private use mapped onto specific user and password, and X: for public shared use mapped on disk1.

    Whatever quota I set on P: seems to appear on X: too...

    Note: I have disabled guest logins.

    Any other clue?
  7. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Sometimes I think some of the functions were simply never finished in the firmware, for example, the email alerts. How can it send email alerts when you can't specify a SMTP server, the port to use, and an authentication UID/password?

    There are some other suggestions of unfinished firmware functions, but that is the most obvious.
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