Return WRTP54G to Vonage?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by drcheap, Apr 22, 2008.

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    Due to some problems with a previous router, I obtained a new (well, refurbished) WRTP54G. As it turns out, the replacement device I got was "unlocked" with the 3.1.17 ETSI firmware. While this is all great and wonderful, it does not work with the Vonage service at all.

    After getting passed all the support people and speaking with an actual engineer at Vonage, we could not get it to load an official Vonage firmware image without failing.

    Does anyone have any other tools, or know how get the Vonage firmware to load back on to this device? I have a couple of firmware images the engineer gave me, just no way to load them up.
  2. seanieb64

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    If you want to force the Vonage firmware to load, load the Vonage firmware bin in a hex editor, you need a copy of it obvoiusly.

    There's a small checksum binary that determines whether or not your router is Vonage or NA, non associaed which the one you got is, since it was hacked.

    Change the checksum on the Vonage firmware to the NA checksum, and it will flash properly, it will be none the wiser. I used this the other way around with a vonage device to load NA firmware (READ: it was mine, not leased from Vonage. I had cancelled Vonage long before)

    Open it in a hex editor, and find offset 0x17

    change 4C to 4D

    at offset 0x3b0004


    3B A5 4D DA to

    85 DA 20 BB

    This makes the RTP300 think the Vonage firmware is actually NA firmware, it it loads accordingly. No functional difference, when it loads up it won't ever check that again, but it won't ever be able to update, you will need to do it manually.
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