Reviews for WUSB300N

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Prawnz, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Prawnz

    Prawnz LI Guru Member

    Anyone got any review about this Wireless USB adapter? I wanna know whether it can be used in Linux and what chipset it is based on. Hope somebody can provide a review about it.
  2. ncarbon

    ncarbon LI Guru Member

    WUSB300N to WRT350N

    I bought both of these a week or so ago. I am running VISTA RC2. I could not get the WUSB300N to connect with throughput. I had a WET54G5S and connected that way. I then tried a WUSB54GC, it connect OK with the Linksys drivers, then Windows Update brought down a new driver and it worked better, but still some disconnects.

    So I decided to try the WUSB300N again, the only way I can get connection that is truly reliable is as follows:

    Wireless N Only, all at Auto and don't broadcast SSID, NO Security, any security enabled doesn't work. To protect myself, I enabled Permit Only the MAC address of the adapter. This has been really reliable and made me smile that N could work on Vista.....

  3. Prawnz

    Prawnz LI Guru Member

    what is the speed that you achieve with the dongle ? 54mbps? Also did you try it with other Wireless N routers such as Dlink or Netgear?
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