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    Two years ago, I started a project to document all the changes in the NAS200 firmware compared to the stock firmware, and to make improvements. I set up a project on Sourceforge and registered a couple of domain names to set up a Wiki. That project was NAS200 Improved also known as NASi200.

    But because of lots of changes at my workplace, I never really had the time or energy to work on the project after I finished putting the sources into the Sourceforge SVN server. Working on the JacX firmware cost less time and it was easier to make improvements to JacX firmware than NASi200. I think Sourceforge now has the NASi200 project listed as Abandoned. I still refer to the SVN archive to look at differences between upstream source code and Linksys/Sercomm modifications sometimes.

    There have been no changes on the NASi200 Wiki for almost a year, except for a lot of spam, so I've taken it down (if you're interested in the somewhat clean backup of November 2009, message me. Especially the hardware page was written with a lot of care for details -- not by me but by another enthusiast, I'm considering uploading it to Wikipedia). The NASI200 domains are expiring and I decided not to renew them, so this is the official end of the NASi200 project.

    Rest assured, the JacX firmware is still very much alive! The files are still online and will remain online. I hardly ever throw anything away, my Digital Compact Cassette FAQ is also still online even though it costs me money every month to keep the account alive and even though I haven't edited it for years.

    I am setting up a private Perforce server that will hold all my NAS200 code since Jac0, and I'm filling it up "as we speak". I hope to have some more time in the next few weeks, now that school summer holidays are starting. When I have everything in there up to Jac4, I am planning on hosting it somewhere public and starting on Jac5. I have a number of good ideas (many based on postings in this forum, thanks guys!) and I'm as anxious to see it ready as you are, if not more. I'm thinking UnionFS or something similar to be able to update anything in-place (Busybox, Twonky...), I want to implement the possibility of running a kernel from USB by using kexec (I already verified that I can make this work) and I want to update the system libraries so the new Twonky and Jungle Disk Server Edition will run out of the box.

    Furthermore I'm also still lurking in the OpenWRT discussion list, hopefully I will have some time soon to build a working OpenWRT for the NAS200 (this will probably happen after Jac5 is released).

    Kind regards and thanks for your support everyone!

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    Always sad to see an OpenSource project die - with its X86 compatability the NAS200 offerred a lot - but I'm afraid the raw network drive performance, apparently less than the NSLU2, has meant it isn't a great hardware platform to work with - and you haven't had much help!. Do keep on with JacX - it's clear that that this greatly extends the device usability - it seems that Linksys have finished firmware development long before products ship and bug-fixes only thereafter take forever.

    I think OpenWRT is great - has a great build-system and the NAS200 has the advantage of not needing opensource wireless drivers ... but I get the impression that by the time anything is finished the hardware will be obsolete...
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    I hope to update my jac4 to jacX+1 soon .

    You make a great work !!!!!

    Thanks for all!!!!
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