roadkill mod- router page on uknown adress and other

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Rajek, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Rajek

    Rajek Guest


    I have problem with roadkill OpenVPN mod
    when someone from lan is trying to connect to adress that does not exist, he is being redirected to routers page

    this is quite annoying especially when some program is trying to connect to adress that does not exist and user suddenly see prompt with login/password fields
    solution is to change lan administration port to other than 80, but then, "NVRAM show" option didn't work properly

    other problem is that i have 3 VPN tunels (tun0, tun1, tun2) and i have all of them in bandwith graphs in "real-time" section, but in "last 24-hours" section i have only tun0 and tun1

    tun0 and tun1 are VPN client connections, tun2 is server connection
    tomato is version 1.19.1464

    could somebody help me please? :)
    maybe it is fixed in 1.21 test version?

    P.S.: i hope You will understand this post :biggrin:
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