Roaming between multiple Linksys routers doesn't work?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by gshapiro, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. gshapiro

    gshapiro Guest

    I am trying to deploy four Linksys WRT54G's across a large office. My goal is to replace an existing, working wireless network based on 802.11B Apple Airports with an 802.11G network. In the current network, the Airports are all set to bridging mode and simply bridge the wireless network to the wired network. They are all connected to the same switch in the network closet.

    I've done the same with the Linksys routers with the Sveasoft Satori firmware. They are all set to AP mode, DHCP, NAT, and firewalling have all been turned off and all of them have their LAN port 1 connected to the same switch. The WAN port is left unplugged. They all have the same SSID (but a different one than the Airports while I test).

    The setup works fine until I roam to a different Linksys. After I do that, nothing works until I turn off my laptop's wireless and turn it back on. Then I am fine again at the new AP until I move to a different area of the office (which is covered by a different Linksys). Any idea why roaming isn't working (note that it does for the Airports)? Interestingly enough, it does appear to work if I roam from a Linksys to an Airport and back again, just not between two Linksys routers.

    I haven't tried WDS as I don't think that is needed given all of the Linksys routers are wired to the same exact network and they should just be bridging the wireless traffic to that wired segment (which does work).
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