Roaming with multiple WAP200's in building

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kineotech, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. kineotech

    kineotech LI Guru Member

    I am installing several WAP200's in a customer site. General practice seems to be to set the SSID's and security the same but to use different channels for each WAP. However, according to the WAP200 user manual, they tell you to set all the WAPs to the same channel to support roaming. So which is it? Has anyone installed multiple WAP200's within range of each other and set them to the same channel?
  2. silentaccord

    silentaccord Network Guru Member

    I haven't used the WAP200 but I just checked the user guide and I think you misinterpreted the information. When it refers to the "same radio channel," I believe it means the wireless adapter and the access point need to communicate on the same frequency. The various access points should operate on different frequencies. I found this in Appendix A of the user guide:

  3. kineotech

    kineotech LI Guru Member

    Well, that sentence on page 4 is a little misleading. Appendix A makes it pretty clear though that these WAPs operate like any other radio -- gotta keep them on separate channels ;)

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