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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bdecker, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. bdecker

    bdecker Guest

    I've been using a v1 Linksys router for a couple years now with relatively no issues. All of a sudden last week the router just dies. The while network basically shuts down and on my router only the power light and DIAG light were lit up. I tried the usual routine of fixes, unplugging things, checking that the internet still works. But nothing, I can't even access the router properties via firefox.

    SO, next step I get a new linksysWRT45G v5 from my local staples after returning what I thought was a defective router. I get home, plug everything back in, and am faced with the SAME problem. I can't log onto the router to access the properties or update the firmware and this time lights 1-4, and the internet are lit up, and the power light flashes.

    The flip side of this is, my good ol' Network anywhere router when plugged in using the SAME setup works like a champ.

    So, I'm completely lost as for what to try next. I'd really appreciate any help anyone could offer. Thanks.
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